Own­Backup for Service­Now

Improve data resilience and compliance with automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.

  • Protect data during changes to your instances

  • Restore only what’s needed, quickly

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Leverage backups to feed analytics

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It's a cloud, not a fortress

Data Protection

Accelerate projects with peace of mind and mitigate impacts to sales and your brand.

Data Seeding

Innovate faster by seeding from templates and reduce costly
 re-work and exposure of sensitive data.

Data Governance

Avoid fines by staying data compliant and securely archive sensitive legacy data.

Data Analytics

Prepare an invaluable body of time-series data for training AI and running deep analysis.

Over 5,000 Customers Across Every Industry & Company Size

OwnBackup gives us assurance that we’re able to meet RTO/RPO requirements, reducing disruption to the business.

OwnBackup prevents the worst thing from happening – losing our data would be a catastrophic event that would destroy the business.

The ability to ‘seed’ a sandbox and anonymize any type of client data, all via the OwnBackup tool, is invaluable.

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CRM Platform Owners
Compliance Leaders
Technology Leaders

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