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Independently back up data for business continuity and resiliency

Globally, regulations impacting a growing number of organizations emphasize operational resilience, requiring financial services companies, insurers, healthcare institutions, and ICT providers to maintain backups that are adequately protected to support business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA Rule 4370), EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), UK Operational Resilience, and NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation (23 NYCRR 500) all require backups of mission-critical data to enable organizations to recover from disruptive events and restore normal operations and services. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has requirements to maintain retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information (PHI). Some regulators are updating their requirements to include establishing Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for their information assets.

Improve data recovery processes

An increasing number of regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, DORA, and NYDFS now require testing the ability to restore and recover from a backup:

OwnBackup Recover provides easy-to-use restoration and precision repair of SaaS data and associated metadata, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Additionally, to empower organizations to continuously improve their data resilience maturity level, OwnBackup has consolidated decades of experience into Data Recovery Readiness & Response (DR3™) for SaaS. DR3 helps customers comply with these regulatory requirements with periodic workshops to practice and improve data recovery processes.

Streamline your data governance

Compliance leaders are constantly challenged to keep up with an ever-growing list of geographic and industry regulations. While SEC 17a-4, HIPAA, and SOX require that data be retained for extended periods of time, other regulations like GDPR and CCPA require companies to do just the opposite.

With OwnBackup Archive, it’s easy to define, automate, and manage custom data retention policies that include specific data to be archived, how frequently data archiving activities occur, and how long archived data is retained under applicable regulations. OwnBackup empowers its customers to support the critical rights of EU Data Subjects with data protection and privacy measures that go above and beyond those required by GDPR alone.

Have irrefutable evidence of unchanged backups

Companies in highly-regulated industries, or those subject to evolving regulations, have strict audit and storage requirements and often need to produce accurate records of transactions in their backups.

Through Blockchain Verify, OwnBackup can help you meet compliance and regulatory objectives for electronic storage, record-keeping, and backup integrity of regulated records in your SaaS platform. An assessment of how OwnBackup solutions satisfy the updated SEC Rule 17a-4 is available here.

Continuously maintain and monitor data safeguards

Regulations such as HIPAA and NYDFS require organizations to identify exactly where sensitive data exists in their SaaS environment and proactively protect and secure the data. OwnBackup Secure for Salesforce supports these requirements and others, enabling organizations to track risk and report compliance more easily. The experienced Security & Governance team at OwnBackup delivers specialized services for customers, including contextual business risk analysis specifically for SaaS data.

Great product and HIPAA compliant as well! We just started using OwnBackup for our data and metadata that is health sensitive, so we have the HIPAA server plan. ...We have even done a restore of about 10,000 records and it went very smoothly! I would highly recommend this product for a good fail-safe plan on your Salesforce org!

Certified Senior Salesforce Administrator at a Medical Products Company

...a must have for every company who uses Salesforce! Simple to set up, simple to use and great support. It allows us to back-up and restore our data and is helpful with our metadata. We use it also for troubleshooting, sandbox seeding and anonymization of customer data and above all it is GDPR proof!

Product Owner, CRM & Customer Service at a Consumer Services Brand

The tool is very intuitive and can provide all the backup record detail you would ever want. Our backups go smoothly and the alert feature really helps you stay on top of things. It has a great GDPR feature to ensure records are removed or rectified.

Salesforce Administrator at a Hospitality Enterprise
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