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Customer Stories

Featured Customer Story

OwnBackup is the partner of choice for industry leaders. Learn how leading organizations are using OwnBackup to accelerate business growth through automatic and complete Salesforce data protection.



Backup and Recovery, Digital Transformation, Org Migration

With OwnBackup, Canadian Cancer Society is now able to move at the speed of innovation without risking access to the Salesforce data that drives their life-saving cause forward.


Backup and Recovery, Metadata, Sandbox Seeding

Recently at TrailheaDX, Tarun Bakhru, IT Manager of CRM at AGCO, discussed why his organization chose Enhanced Sandbox Seeding to meet their complex seeding requirements.

university of florida

Backup and Recovery, Sandbox Seeding

During this year's Higher Ed Summit Virtual, the University of Florida (UF) shared how Salesforce has enabled them to innovate during the current health crisis and begin the path to safely reopening.


Backup and Recovery, GDPR, Salesforce Weekly Export, Sandbox Seeding

Metso speeds up recovery times with OwnBackup. Metso manages much of their data within Salesforce, and they count on OwnBackup to protect it and quickly recover in the event of a data loss or corruption.


Sandbox Seeding

Ciena participated in a pilot program on Enhanced Sandbox Seeding. An extremely positive experience prompted the company to add this feature immediately.


Backup and Recovery, Digital Transformation, HIPAA, Metadata, Org Migration, Salesforce Weekly Export, Sandbox Seeding

With OwnBackup, Medtronic was able to empower their highly-skilled, Salesforce- certified resources to focus on more important business problem solutioning.

navy federal credit union

Backup and Recovery, nCino

After a stringent information security and business review process, Navy Federal selected OwnBackup to protect their mission-critical nCino data.


Backup and Recovery, Salesforce Lightning

With OwnBackup, Adecco USA has transitioned to Lightning with confidence, knowing their Salesforce data will remain safe and sound.


Backup and Recovery, Sandbox Seeding, Salesforce Weekly Export

AECOM leveraged multiple processes and tools to get a handle on their Salesforce environment. OwnBackup was a key solution in this process.

walter scott

Backup and Recovery, GDPR, Salesforce Weekly Export

With OwnBackup, Walter Scott has been able to enhance their Recovery Point Objective from one week, with the Weekly Export, to less than a day, with OwnBackup.

south jersey industries

Backup and Recovery, Sandbox Seeding, Salesforce Weekly Export

SJI is now able to use OwnBackup Compare daily to identify if any data was accidentally lost or corrupted during any future transformative projects, including migrations, integrations, or implementations.


Backup and Recovery, Digital Transformation, GDPR, Metadata, Salesforce Customer 360, Sandbox Seeding

OwnBackup enables Azbil North America to continue their “Human-centered automation” initiatives on top of Salesforce without the business risk of user-inflicted data loss or corruption.

twist bioscience

Backup and Recovery, Sandbox Seeding

OwnBackup enables Twist Bioscience to continue manufacturing DNA at scale, while serving life science researchers who are changing the world for the better.


Backup and Recovery, GDPR

Secure data protection and comprehensive GDPR compliance support from OwnBackup helps HappyOrNot accelerate their global business and continue to develop ultimate feedback solutions.


Backup and Recovery, CFR Part 11, Salesforce Data Overwrite

DenMat can now effectively minimize downtime, recover their data if a loss or corruption were to occur, and continue to seamlessly provide dental products and services to its customers.

fcr media

Backup and Recovery

OwnBackup enables FCR Media to continue their digital transformation on top of Salesforce without the business risk of permanent data loss or corruption.

michigan state university

Backup and Recovery, Sandbox Seeding

With OwnBackup, Michigan State University continues to accelerate their growth and build resiliency with data protection peace of mind.


Backup and Recovery, Org Migration, Salesforce Implementation, Sandbox Seeding

NorthMarq needed a backup and recovery strategy that could identify and restore lost or corrupted data on-demand during and after migration.

udg healthcare

Backup and Recovery, GDPR, Health Cloud, HIPAA

Partnering with OwnBackup, UDG Healthcare has a data protection solution that works seamlessly with Salesforce and helps them comply with both HIPAA and GDPR regulations.

enovate medical

Backup and Recovery

Choosing OwnBackup has helped Enovate Medical gain peace of mind knowing they can maintain business continuity by quickly identifying and restoring if a data loss or corruption were to occur.


Backup and Recovery

OwnBackup, with its advanced backup and recovery tools, coupled with its proactive data management capabilities was able to effectively protect all of Listrak’s Salesforce information.

multnomah county

Backup and Recovery, Sandbox Seeding, Salesforce Weekly Export

With OwnBackup, Multnomah County’s IT team has sped up their admin and development operations significantly.

mothers against drunk driving

Backup and Recovery

With automated daily backups, proactive Smart Alert monitoring of data changes, and selective, easy-to-administer restoration capabilities, MADD operates with industry-leading, secure protection of their burgeoning database.


Backup and Recovery

Renovo regularly uses the OwnBackup Compare tool to review data and metadata side-by-side to quickly identify what data has been changed and then selectively recover that data.


Backup and Recovery, Org Merge, Org Migration

Conga’s data and metadata were all protected by OwnBackup through a daily backup service.


Backup and Recovery

OwnBackup enables athenahealth to serve its customers and employees with confidence, knowing that data is safe and that business continuity is ensured.