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Eliminate Data

Whether you've got 1 user or 1 million, OwnBackup proactively prevents you from losing mission-critical data and metadata with automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.
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#1 Cloud Data Protection Platform for Salesforce

#1 cloud data protection platform

Reduce your risk of loss of mission critical data
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Douglas Boughton
Chief Financial Officer
The obvious choice for
Salesforce disaster recovery
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Femi Oye
Salesforce Certified Administrator
Must-have for peace
of mind!
tory netherton
Tory Netherton
Director, Salesforce Development
    Buyer's Guide 
    for Backup and Recovery
    Looking for the right Salesforce backup and recovery solution for your business? Look no further. This ebook includes the 12 factors to consider when selecting a partner, as well as a downloadable scorecard to rate the solutions you are evaluating.
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  • Backup & Recovery
    Why Back Up Your Salesforce Data?
    Alleviate the stress of errors and accidents and run your Salesforce org with confidence.
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  • Forrester Perspective
    Data Backup and Recover Insights
    The mission-critical role of data in today’s digital-first world means that no organization can afford to be without it.
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Over 3,700 Customers Across Every Industry & Company Size

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Top Causes of Data Loss

People assume that if it’s in the cloud, it’s protected. But for most SaaS apps like Salesforce there is a shared responsibility for keeping data safe. Customers are responsible for the errors and corruption they create. Yet despite this exposure, most organizations don’t backup their SaaS data or have the ability to easily recover.
“Yes, we recommend you use a partner backup solution.
There are more comprehensive, automated solutions for backup of data and metadata on the AppExchange.”
salesforce trailblazers

2020’s Digital Acceleration

Forward-looking companies are in the process of digitizing customer experiences, leapfrogging the future of work, and building resilience into their businesses.

The 2020 pandemic is forcing them to accelerate projects that might have slowly unfolded over the next decade, but are now top of the priority list.

Run in the Cloud,
Never Fall Down

Move faster with the confidence you can restore vital business information quickly and completely.

Streamline Data

Stay in compliance with regulatory demands and in full control of the information your business runs on.

Innovate Faster
with Less Risk

Propagate data to sandboxes for faster innovation and ideal environments to safely develop, test, and train.

OwnBackup Solutions

Backup and Recovery

Protect data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.
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sandbox seeding

Sandbox Seeding

Propagate data to sandboxes for faster innovation and ideal environments to safely develop, test, and train.
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Preserve data in archives with customizable retention policies and simplified compliance and reporting.
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