Data Archiving for ServiceNow

Reduce storage costs and improve system performance by safeguarding legacy data, with Archive for ServiceNow.

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Minimize risk and strengthen data compliance
Reduce ServiceNow storage costs
Avoid system performance issues
Archive critical legacy data securely

Archive ServiceNow Data

Relocate critical records and attachments to secure immutable archives stored outside of the ServiceNow platform.

Get individual configuration for archiving policies that control what data to store, how often, retention timeframe, and more.

Manage table size growth to minimize ServiceNow performance issues that impact page rendering, queries, reporting, and more.

Avoid Compliance Issues

Comply with industry and government regulations and internal policies that require secure, immutable archives, and limits on data retention.

Keep up with industry regulations and internal policies with automatic removal of obsolete data that must be purged from archives.

Manage Archiving Activities

View and maintain clear logs of all your ServiceNow data that has been archived to enable audit readiness.

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