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The world’s #1 CRM deserves the #1 cloud data protection platform.
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Protect your Salesforce data through automated, secure backups, advanced comparison tools, precision recovery, easy sandbox seeding, and comprehensive archiving features.
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You’re responsible for your Salesforce data

Think about your CRM system as a multi-tenant apartment building. As a renter, you shouldn’t have to worry about the building’s structural integrity, power going out, or the maintenance of shared spaces and amenities. But what happens on the inside of your unit is your responsibility.

Similarly, a SaaS provider’s role is to make sure the data stored in apps like Salesforce is highly available, performant, and secure at the system level. Meanwhile, as a client, you are responsible for the data you put into it, and who you allow to access it.

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“Yes, we recommend you use a partner backup solution.
There are more comprehensive, automated solutions for backup of data and metadata on the AppExchange.”
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How will you use OwnBackup?

CRM Platform Owners
Compliance Leaders
Technology Leaders

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