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WaFd Bank Drives Customer Experience Forward with OwnBackUp and nCino

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WaFd Bank’s mission is to use technology to deliver a seamless client experience. Commercial Loan Processing Manager Scott Napier is leading the charge by investing in new tools for lenders to empower clients.

To innovate with confidence, Scott knows he must first protect their critical nCino data with a comprehensive data restore solution.

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Backup and Recovery
sandbox seeding
Sandbox Seeding
  • If we key something wrong and miss a step before we push live into production, how do we undo that? If clients can’t sign on because the data gets corrupted and all of a sudden nCino is unavailable, that could greatly impact their relationship with us. OwnBackup is critical to help us maintain very, very seamless events with our clients.
    Scott Napier
    Commercial Loan Processing Manager
  • Before we had to scramble and react. Now we have alerts scheduled to let us know when something changes. We can come to work the next morning and review the reports, run a comparison if needed, and it’s as easy as that.
    Scott Napier
    Commercial Loan Processing Manager
  • If you built a million-dollar house or you bought a $50,000 car, you have insurance on it. Why wouldn’t you have insurance on this?
    Scott Napier
    Commercial Loan Processing Manager

Backup and Recovery

WaFd Bank Tackles Complex Projects with Backup & Recover for nCino


Scott wanted to improve the digital experience for his clients without disrupting their day-to-day use of the portal. If developers missed a step when deploying new features, the corrupted records would interfere with clients' nCino access due to the single sign-on. It would also require a time-consuming rebuild, furthering the gap between problem and solution.

From migrations, cleanups, and merges to updating financial records in NetSuite— it was clear WaFd needed a more proactive approach to protecting this critical client data.


Scott was first introduced to OwnBackup by a colleague, Jess Kady, who used the solution at a previous company. Jess even recalls one instance where, at his former organization, 20,000 records in nCino were reparented. Once OwnBackup notified Jess of the change to their instance, he restored the records to the original and correct child-to-parent relationships with only a few clicks, preventing a data loss disaster.

Jess knew bringing OwnBackup to WaFd Bank was a no-brainer. Before OwnBackup, Jess used the Salesforce Weekly Export and was no stranger to its limitations. Weekly Export required over seven steps to recover lost data whereas the OwnBackup solution recovered data within minutes. The Weekly Export ran on a weekly basis— meaning the potential for up to seven days' worth of critical data was left unaccounted for. It also didn’t allow for backup comparisons or restoration of metadata. In contrast, OwnBackup proved to be a comprehensive and time-efficient solution.

Recover proactively protects WaFd Bank’s client records in nCino.

Protect nCino’s documents (such as DocMan files) with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.
Smart Alerts notify Scott of when data or metadata, including profiles and user permissions, is changed, deleted, or corrupted according to the parameters he sets.
Compare feature allows developers to marry complex excel forms and migrate records with the reassurance that they can restore data to its original state in minutes if they detect a change in the snapshots of backups.
sandbox seeding

Sandbox Seeding

The Future of WaFd Bank with OwnBackup

Next on the horizon for WaFd Bank is unlocking the full potential of OwnBackup’s Sandbox Seeding product.

As Scott continues to improve the digital client experience at WaFd Bank, he can confidently advance the company’s initiatives knowing that critical data is protected, managed, and easily accessible with OwnBackup.

Sandbox Seeding helps companies:

Streamline the entire seeding process, saving time and reducing release cycles by allowing for “real-world” tests as new features or enhancements to existing features are developed.
Anonymize confidential client data before being seeded to its destination for an additional layer of security.

About WaFd Bank

WaFd Bank is a technology-forward firm, offering personal, business, and commercial banking capabilities. Since 1917, they've helped clients define and achieve their personalized goals with simple, straightforward banking solutions. As a result, WaFd Bank has established itself as one of the strongest financial institutions in America, operating in 200 offices across eight states.

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