Grow Finance saves a lost deal and guarantees data security with OwnBackup

A 100% online small business lender, data is at the heart of Grow Finance from every transaction through to third party integrations, compliance and investor confidence.

They chose to entrust their data with OwnBackup.

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Backup and Recovery
  • OwnBackup saved a lost deal for us.
    Teng Pan
    Data Analyst at Grow Financial
  • Any data loss for us would be catastrophic! We’d lose deals, customers and trust in our brand. That’s why we chose OwnBackup to protect our Salesforce data - we insisted on only the very best.
    Teng Pan
    Data Analyst at Grow Financial


  • Any data breaches or vulnerabilities exposed the business to crippling risks and loss of customer and investor confidence.

  • Audit processes and compliance tracking were complex and time consuming.

  • Non technical members put the data at risk to be misconfigured or data set changes, resulting in huge chaos and damaging their internal system.

  • If something was to "Break" right now, they would have no viable way of restoring the data or even be aware, which would create issues with their business continuity.

  • The business would be seriously compromised by delays without the ability to restore quickly and with minimal disruption to the end users.


  • Backed by the confidence of rock-solid backups, the team can move fast and flexibly without risk, knowing that their client data is always safe and secure.

  • For example, when a user inadvertently removed a lucrative account on Salesforce, the deal could rapidly be retrieved and restored - saving thousands in lost revenue and major headaches. 

  • Affordable, scalable and installed in hours OwnBackup delivers value right out of the gate.

  • OwnBackup provides a structured and reliable path for audits and compliance.

Grow Finance + OwnBackup

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About Grow Finance

When you finance with Grow you get the advantage of dealing directly with the lender, this means we can provide fast, flexible solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Businesses must move quick, that is why our pre-qualification process means we can approve finance in as little as 2 hours.

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