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How to Protect Your Company's Internal Data

September 20, 2021

A security incident can be devastating to your business's reputation and ultimately impact your bottom line. While data loss can occur due to a major event, it's more common for the culprits to be everyday errors such as misconfiguration and loose security practices. If your company relies on a CRM such as Salesforce to store invaluable information, implementing routine precautions could safeguard vital information, from leads and marketing campaigns to sensitive financial data.

A recent study examining the impact of the transition to a remote workforce post-pandemic found nearly 80% of senior IT and IT security leaders believe their organizations lack the proper security practices to prevent an incident. If best practices aren't in place, it can leave the information driving your business open to vulnerabilities.

The good news: You can implement several simple steps to help keep your enterprise data secure.

How does data loss occur?

Data can be compromised in many ways. Many people think it's most often caused by an outsider hacking into a network, but that's not always the case. It can be as simple as leaving your laptop unattended at your workspace or accidentally deleting a critical file on your network.

A few of the ways an incident can occur:

  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone theft
  • Computer hardware crashes
  • Critical keystroke errors
  • Unauthorized users with account access
  • Malware infiltration
  • Ransomware attack
  • Code or integration mappings with errors or bugs

While it's not always an event that can be foreseen, you can take steps today to safeguard your data tomorrow. Implementing data backup and archiving solutions as part of your security strategy are in your company's best interest in the long run.

Perform regular data backups

Backing up your data may not prevent theft, but it helps ensure your company can bounce back after a breach. Comprehensive backup solutions minimize the impact an intentional — or unintentional — breach has on a demand generation marketing team tracking leads, sales team closing deals and customer support personnel handling priority clients.

It's essential to keep in mind backing up your data isn't just a one-time deal. The information in your Salesforce CRM changes minute by minute each business day. Putting a routine data backup management system in place ensures seamless recovery. Automated daily backups make the process effortless, and on-demand backups can provide a little extra peace of mind when more significant projects cross your desk. With configurable notifications and easy access to your backup history, you can also monitor unusual changes and take action in real-time.

Look for a backup and recovery solution that best meets your needs. One that blends flexibility with security other key features can help you take a proactive approach to data security.

Archive your data

Now that you're backing up your data, what do you do with it?

Tuck it away for safekeeping. Proper data preservation helps simplify routine audits, and it also helps improve the performance of your system as a whole. Doing so can automatically remove obsolete data, leaving more room for new information to come through.

Here are a few benefits to offloading excess information:

  • Faster page load speeds: When pages load quickly, your teams can get more done in less time.
  • Less cluttered records: It's simpler for your teams to find what they need when obsolete records are out of the way.
  • Data compliance is met: From internal data retention policies to legal obligations, a sound solution makes it easier to meet industry standards.

Plus, there's always room in OwnBackup’s cloud-based data archiving tool, which reduces the need for costly physical storage devices that constantly fill as your data keeps growing.

Partner with OwnBackup

When it comes to the information that's vital to your business's success, OwnBackup can help you put a backup and recovery solution in place that ensures continuity. To learn more about our products, contact us today.

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