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New: Save Time and See More with Archive Console

Kylie McKlveen
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
September 16, 2022

Whether you’re a Salesforce Admin in charge of a single production org, or part of a team that manages a complex, multi-org strategy, new data is constantly being added to the platform that you are responsible for. While all of this data hopefully means more leads, opportunities, and sales for your business, it can also lead to slower performance, increased storage costs, and compliance concerns.

That's where data archiving can help. With OwnBackup Archive, Salesforce Admins and other platform owners can easily relocate obsolete data from production orgs, better understand which objects are taking up so much space in Salesforce, and easily govern sensitive or regulated data with a set of compliance tools.

Since we are continually innovating and finding new ways to support our customers, we’re excited to announce the latest enhancement from OwnBackup Archive- Archive Console.

A bird's eye view of all of your orgs

The Console is a new way for users to view and manage Archive across multiple orgs. From this centralized location, users can see all of their orgs and can quickly and easily identify which ones may need some improvements or attention.

Archive Console General Screen

From the General screen, Master Admins can view what managed package is running in each org (to ensure they are all running on the most up-to-date version), and monitor API usage. They can also manage their Bring Your Own Key for Archive service, which is an optional service that enables customers to use their own keys or key management system to encrypt and decrypt archived data.

But the new Console features don’t end there. We’ve also added Health Insights and Import Policies to help you get value from your OwnBackup Archive even faster.

Archive Console Health Monitoring

Health Insights: By toggling over to the Health Screen, users can gain high-level insights into the health and performance of their orgs. From here, you can see visual indicators on archiving performance and their trend over the last 30 days. This view provides users with the ability to quickly understand, at-a-glance, whether their archiving services are going well (green), need some improvements (yellow), or need immediate attention (red).

Archive Console Import Policies

Import Policies: It’s best practice to test anything in a sandbox before deploying to production, which is one of the reasons we recommend trying a Proof of Concept (POC) with our products before buying. The same goes for the process of deploying new archiving policies. With the Archive Console, you can create custom archiving policies in your sandbox to ensure they are working as expected before importing those policies into as many production orgs as you like. This makes it faster and easier to implement archiving policies across multiple orgs.

Get started with OwnBackup Archive

Want to see it for yourself? If you have both OwnBackup Archive and OwnBackup Recover, the Archive Console is available to you today. To learn more about OwnBackup Archive, contact us or request a demo.

Data Archiving
Data Archiving
Data Archiving

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