Data Seeding for ServiceNow

Seed your production data to sub-production environments with precision and ease. Drive faster release cycles and improve collaboration between your developers, with Accelerate for ServiceNow.

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Speed up release cycles by seeding without cloning
Innovate seamlessly by seeding what you need
Easily seed live production data in a few clicks
Increase efficiency with refined data seeding through filters

Seed With Ease

Easily seed precise live production data to sub-production instances or personal developer instances (PDIs)

Seed the data you need to avoid overwriting data of other developers sharing your sub-prod instances.

Control what data is seeded for initial and subsequent projects with options to add all records, delete existing records and replace with new, or only update incremental changes since previous seed. You can instantly view a sample of the data that will be seeded to verify filters are creating the desired data set.

Seed in a simpler, faster way. Select your desired table level depth, or the number of degrees away from a given table. Starting with your table, you can select all related children, grandchildren, and so on. Further fine-tune your seed data to include or exclude table and let OwnBackup build the seed template for you!

Reuse Seed Templates

Configure and recycle templates and built-in filters to isolate perfect data sets to repeatedly seed to any sub-production instance with an identical data structure. That way, rather than having to start from scratch each time you want to seed, you can start with only the specific data you need, and then add more data as you need it.

Continuously Update Data

You’ve just finished seeding your sub-prod, only to have new requirements be identified. Now you can update template filters in seconds to add or remove data based on new requirements, then reseed to update the destination’s records.

Manage Records

Precisely seed only the data you need; where you want it. Preview what tables and records will be in your seed then after, get post-seed reports that include metrics including records seeded, lability to download logs and discrepancies

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