Why do you need to backup your online data?
Don’t Gmail, Salesforce.com and others have backups?

Yes, they do, but that doesn’t mean your data are safe.

Gmail, Salesforce.com and many other large service providers can (and do) suffer from data loss. While this is a relatively rare occurrence, other causes of data-loss in the cloud (and outside it) are much more common:

Human error

Human error is probably the most common reason for data loss. Ever accidentally selected the wrong email thread or folder and deleted it? Only to find out you can’t get it back. With OwnBackup, you can always restore your deleted data. Be it your personal data or your business data.

Account hijacking

Account hijacking is becoming more and more common as computer viruses and Trojans are sweeping the Internet and turning out to be the weapons for online criminals and hackers. By manipulating you into giving away your passwords (also referred to as “phishing”), or hacking their way into your account (is your password strong enough?), they could potentially delete all of your online data, delete your account, change your password, corrupt your data or any other destructive action. With OwnBackup, you can be sure that your data are always kept safely on our servers, just in case something goes wrong.

Service provider errors

Service provider errors, while quite rare, happen for various reasons and can also be the cause of lost, or otherwise inaccessible data. A lot can happen – from software upgrades gone wrong to grudged employees intentionally causing data loss. These long downtimes can result in a major time and money loss to you or your company. Having your data stored separately and independently of its original location is the basis of all reliable backup (and any disaster-recovery plan).