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Why OwnBackup

No company operating on the cloud should ever lose data.

Data Loss Can Be Devastating

Whether it’s caused by human error, bad code, rogue integrations, or malicious intent, data loss happens. What you can avoid is getting caught without a system for restoring that data. OwnBackup develops innovative solutions that provide built-in protection against data loss and corruption, no matter what.

Accidental Deletion

33% of data loss in US occurs due to accidental deletion

Incorrect Overwriting

27% of data loss occurs due to overwriting of correct information with incorrect information

User Errors

70% of data loss can be attributed to user errors

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Enterprise-Level Businesses Need Real Solutions for Real Problems

According to Softletter Research, nearly 79% of SaaS providers do not guarantee application continuity to their subscribers. Your customers don’t want to hear explanations for data loss, they want to hear that there’s no interruption in service.

OwnBackup Rapid Recovery Icon Rapid recovery of data and metadata is a must, regardless of scale and granularity.
OwnBackup SaaS Databases Icon SaaS databases are complex and difficult to restore without the right tools.
OwnBackup Backup and Recovery Tools Icon Backup and recovery tools should be custom-tailored to the applications they support.


OwnBackup is the partner of choice for industry leaders

OwnBackup is more than just an insurance policy, it’s a powerful tool for developers, IT Ops, and beyond.

OwnBackup Speed Development Cycles Icon Speed up development cycles
OwnBackup Deliver Cloud Applications Icon Deliver your cloud applications faster, and with fewer bugs
OwnBackup Archive Attachments Icon Archive attachments to reduce storage costs in SaaS applications
OwnBackup's Hero defeating Nemesis of Data Corruption

Protect Your Data from the Villains of Loss and Corruption.

accidental deletion Steve has the best of intentions, but he’s the one who is responsible for accidentally deleting or corrupting data.
maliciously deleting Trashman enjoys maliciously deleting data on purpose to get silent, but deadly revenge on his company.
invalidator Invalidator spends her time messing up integrations.
buggy code Insekto hates testing, so he simply deploys buggy code right after he writes it.