Why back up your Salesforce data?

CRM platform owners wrongly assume that because their SaaS data is in the cloud, it’s protected.
The reality is that data loss and data corruption are certain to occur, whether by accident, malicious intent or forces of nature. The moment it does, the disaster recovery clock starts ticking. Business continuity plans are put to the test, and the viability of your business may well be measured by its resilience.
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With the ever increasing threats to data integrity, data loss is inevitable, yet 69% of companies within the Salesforce ecosystem acknowledge they are unprepared for data loss or corruption.

Protect mission-critical data and metadata with automated cloud-to-cloud backup, continuous data monitoring and precision repair tools.

icon automated backups

Automated Backups

Super easy to set up. Define the frequency. Works for production and sandboxes. No coding, professional services, or maintenance required.
icon intelligent monitoring

Intelligent Monitoring

Get real-time alerts to identify statistical outliers or create rules to notify you of anomalies.
icon super easy comparisons

Super Easy Comparisons

Visual graphs. Compare any two snapshots. Easily pinpoint loss and corruption.
icon precision repair

Precision Repair

Go back in time to restore the exact data you need. Single records, multiple records, or every record from any backup in your industry.

42% of SaaS customers experienced a data loss event resulting in downtime in 2019.

"Now that Cargill is using OwnBackup we never have to worry about data loss again. If we have an issue, we can quickly compare and restore the data all but eliminating any data downtime."
-- Kim Gandhi, Customer Experience Strategic Product Owner at Cargill FIBI Division
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