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Veeva Data Protection


Veeva enables life sciences companies to better understand their customers, engaging them with the right content and services throughout their customer lifecycles. Protect your investment in Veeva through daily backups of your data, advanced backup comparison tools, fine-tuned recovery, powerful archiving, and comprehensive data management and monitoring capabilities. Your critical business data, including customer interaction histories, territory management data, account plans, and medical events, is safe with OwnBackup.


Screenshot of OwnBackup's data backup services

Complete Data & Metadata Backup and Recovery

Maintain Business Continuity

OwnBackup offers a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Veeva administrators. Capabilities include:

• Automated daily backups of all data, metadata, and documents, even Chatter
• Quick data recovery to keep vital information available especially in the case of user-inflicted data loss
• Fine-grained Restore at any level of granularity to specific points in time

Regulation-Ready Data Protection

Stay Compliant with Life Sciences Compliance Requirements

Stringent data regulations dominate the healthcare space and its associated industries, which is why OwnBackup has customized services to enable Veeva administrators to adhere to these compliance requirements. We help clients regulation ready with HIPAA/HiTECH, GDPR, and other healthcare-related regulations.

Screenshot of OwnBackup's daily data backup services
Screenshot of OwnBackup's fast streamlined data protection

Powerful Archiving

Robust Data Storage Tools

To comply with regulations, healthcare and life sciences companies have to securely store business-critical data for extended periods. Not only that, but this data should also be readily accessible to authorized users for quick reference.

OwnBackup caters directly to healthcare and life sciences companies, confronting these challenges with:

• Customizable backup data retention
• Easy-to-use data management tools such as Find, Label, and Filter to quickly locate desired data sets within archives

Proactive Backup Comparison and Identification of Data Changes

Detailed, Faster Data Insights

OwnBackup helps Veeva users have more visibility into changes to their data.

• Smart Alerts send notifications when data has been deleted, modified, or added to help you proactively manage unexpected data and metadata changes
• Visual graphs help administrators swiftly identify exactly when and to what extent data was changed
• Compare tool allows administrators to see data and metadata changes by reviewing backup snapshots side-by-side

Screenshot of OwnBackup's powerful archiving technology
Screenshot of OwnBackup's 24/7 Available Data Backup and Recovery Services

Advanced Key Management

Enterprise-Grade Security for Your Business-Critical Data

For many life sciences organizations, maintaining a comprehensive encryption key management system is essential for protecting data in the cloud.

OwnBackup’s Advanced Key Management capability provides additional layers of encryption-related security and data protection peace of mind for Veeva administrators.

• Submit, rotate, and revoke your own master encryption keys, OwnBackup will keep them safe
• Backup and recover Salesforce Shield encrypted fields and encryption keys

Rapid Sandbox Seeding

Accelerate Development & QA Cycles

Easily populate your sandboxes with the perfect, anonymized test data set in minutes. This means shorter and more effective development and QA cycles, with sized-to-fit, more-relevant test data.

• Fine-tune test data with filtering, through queries or by editing in .CSV format
• Large data set replication saves R&D teams significant setup and testing cycle time
• Test data is anonymized to protect confidentiality