The Data Protection Imperative

SaaS data protection is business protection.
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Why SaaS data protection is more important than ever before.

In today’s uncertain economy, businesses are taking measures to safeguard their finances. However, these steps are inadvertently increasing the risk of SaaS data incidents that could damage performance, trust among customers, and the bottom line. Understanding how these actions affect your business is crucial to your success.

How businesses increase risks to their SaaS data


of data loss is caused by human error.


of companies report having a breach attributable to a 3rd party.


of employees are more likely to take data when let go.

It’s more urgent than ever that organizations address the problem of SaaS data protection

Your business can tackle these data concerns with solutions that make them more efficient, reduce risks to performance, and enable continued innovation.

It is imperative to protect the data that drives your business now.

How OwnBackup Helps

Improve efficiencies and reduce costs

Drive efficiencies in data backup and recovery
Eliminate and prevent overage charges
Reduce manual effort for security and compliance
Cut out low-value work

Minimize risks and drive innovation

Reduce risk and safeguard innovation
Understand risks and proactively address them
Protect sensitive data and accelerate development
Ensure compliance and improve performance
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Key Resources

The Importance of
SaaS Data Protection in an Uncertain Economy

Today’s challenging economic climate is forcing businesses to take steps to safeguard their financial performance
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Backups are Just the Beginning: The Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose OwnBackup

We have the honor of being a market leader thanks only to our customers. Here are five reasons why they chose us over other solutions.

Cautious About Spending? Be Even More Cautious With Your Data.

Just as consumers tend to tighten their wallets during times of economic uncertainty, businesses today are being extra prudent when deciding how to spend their money.

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Your data is your business, protect it.

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