Accidental Deletion
33% of data loss in US occurs due to accidental deletion
Incorrect Overwriting
27% of data loss occurs due to overwriting of correct information with incorrect information
User Errors
70% of data loss can be attributed to user errors
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Can I watch a live demo before trialing the software?

Yes, OwnBackup encourages you to reach out to a member of our team and speak with a Backup Consultant. Our team of experts in cloud to cloud backup will put together a tailored demo of OwnBackup’s products designed to highlight how our solution will help protect your specific environment.

Can I evaluate a product for free before purchasing?

Absolutely, OwnBackup offers fully functional evaluations of OwnBackup for Salesforce and OwnBackup for ServiceNow and OwnBackup for Social (including your corporate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles).

What should I test out during my trial period?

We recommend that you first setup a backup of either your Salesforce production or sandbox instance. Once backed up, you should run through a number of data loss scenarios and see for yourself how comprehensive OwnBackup’s compare and restore tools truly are. An OwnBackup Backup Consultant would be happy to work with you during your trial period to help you build an evaluation plan to ensure that your cloud data will be 100% protected.

After I purchase, do I need to setup the software again?

There is no need to re-setup your software. Your existing trial account will be automatically updated once you have signed the Order Form and received the countersigned form back from OwnBackup.


What is the process for ordering OwnBackup products?

All orders must be placed with an OwnBackup Backup Consultant. One of our Backup Consultants will be happy to speak with you during your evaluation process and then provide an Order Form containing a customized quote for you and your organization. Once you have signed the Order Form, OwnBackup will countersign the Order Form and send it back to you. The date that the countersigned form is sent back to you will be considered the start date for your agreement (Effective Date) with OwnBackup.

How can I request a quote?

It’s easy to request an obligation free quote. Just contact a Backup Consultant via our website or email us at

Can I request a quote in a currency other than US Dollars?

At this time, OwnBackup supports US Dollars (USD) and Israeli Shekels (NIS), for Israeli customers only. 

Pricing and Discounts 

How much do OwnBackup products cost?

Current pricing information is always available online:

Does OwnBackup offer any discounts?

OwnBackup does not typically offer discounts. Our goal is to provide enterprise grade cloud to cloud backup tools at the best prices. Our products start at just $1.95 per month per user (with a minimum of 50 users). We’ve built discounts directly into the prices we publish on our website.

Are there any discounts for academic and educational institutions?

Yes, educational pricing is available to qualified institutions. Please contact a Backup Consultant for details.

Are there any discounts for non profit (not for profit) organizations?

Yes, non profit (not for profit) discounts are available to qualified non profit organizations. Please contact a Backup Consultant for details. 

Payments and Billing

Which payment methods are accepted?

OwnBackup accepts the following payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer
  • ACH Transfer (for US customers only)
  • Physical Check
  • Credit Card

What are OwnBackup’s payment terms?

OwnBackup’s payment terms are Net 30. You will receive an invoice along with the countersigned Order Form. Payment should be made promptly within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Please keep in mind the payment processing times listed above under payment methods.

What happens if my organization does not make a full payment within 30 days of receipt of an invoice?

If payment is not received within 30 days of receipt of an invoice, your order is subject to immediate cancellation by OwnBackup.

What happens during the period between when an Order was placed an payment is received by OwnBackup?

As soon as you receive a fully executed version of your Order Form, your Software Subscription Agreement will come into effect and your account status will be automatically marked as an active account. Payment is due in full within 30 days of receipt of an invoice.

How do I pay an outstanding invoice?

You can pay an outstanding invoice via any of the accepted payment methods listed above.

Can I request an invoice in a currency other than US Dollars?

At this time, OwnBackup accepts payment in either US dollars (USD) or Israeli Shekels (NIS) for Israeli customers only.

After an order has been placed, how quickly can I start using the product?

Immediately! As soon as your order is Effective, you can start using your subscription. Typically, you’ll already have had a trial account setup and your account’s status will be automatically converted into full subscription upon the Order Date.

How do I cancel my subscription?

While we hope you never need to, you can cancel your subscription at any time with 30 days written notice to OwnBackup. Keep in mind that payment will be due in full for the full term of your Agreement upon cancellation. To cancel your subscription, please contact a Backup Consultant.

If I cancel my subscription during my contract period, can I get a refund?

OwnBackup cannot offer refunds for service that has been already contracted and paid for.

How do I renew my subscription at the end of my current contract period?

All subscriptions will automatically renew for additional 1 year periods at the end of your current contract period. If you do not wish for your contract to renew at the end of your contract period, please contact a Backup Consultant prior to 30 days before your contract ends. 


What is counted as a "User?"

An OwnBackup user that requires a license are active, used Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Platform Licences. Free Chatter licenses do not count towards your OwnBackup user count.

Our legal department would like to make some changes to the Software Subscription Agreement, is that OK?

Within OwnBackup’s current price structure, we’re unable to make any changes to our Software Subscription Agreement. If you consider our pricing model and the costs of creating and managing individual agreements with each of our customers, you can begin to understand our position. Maintaining a standard agreement with all of our customers allows us to focus our resources on meeting our obligations under these agreements. Do keep in mind of course that our agreement has been very carefully authored to be fair to both you and us.

What is the Order Date on my Services Order Form?

The Order Date listed on the Services Order Form is the Effective Date of your Agreement

Is OwnBackup affiliated with Salesforce in any way?

OwnBackup is a certified Salesforce ISV (Independent Software Vendor) AppExchange partner. OwnBackup has been listed on Salesforce’s AppExchange since 2012.