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Safeguard your data and meet compliance requirements
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Streamline data protection, governance, and compliance

OwnBackup equips you with robust, highly secure tools to protect, back up, recover, and archive your critical and protected data. With OwnBackup for Veeva CRM, you can automate and manage custom data retention rules to meet industry and internal policies that require secure, immutable archives, all while improving platform performance.

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Simplify data compliance

Define the minimum and maximum retention periods to store immutable replicas of Veeva records and attachments securely. Easily display this data back into Veeva or unarchive, if needed.

Improve performance

Relocate legacy data that can cause performance issues like long wait times for fields to populate and pages to refresh. Plus, improve the responsiveness of operations like search, reporting, dashboard rendering, and other critical tasks.

Archive Calls and Inventory Monitoring records

Manage storage limits by offloading data that no longer provides day-to-day business value. Preserve data for as little or long as required with unlimited off-platform storage. Samples may also be archived with a manual step in the Veeva CRM setup.

Automate daily backups

Protect Veeva CRM data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and intelligent monitoring.

Experience rapid, stress-free recovery

Recover the exact data and relationships you need by understanding the scope of changes, what data was impacted, and precisely when issues occurred.

Life Sciences customers around the world trust OwnBackup

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Integration with Veeva CRM

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Strengthen your security posture by understanding data exposure risks and proactively taking action to protect your data.
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Protect all Veeva CRM data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.
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sandbox seeding

Sandbox Seeding

Propagate data to sandboxes for faster innovation and ideal training environments.
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Preserve Calls, Inventory Monitoring, and Sample* data with customizable retention policies and simplified compliance.
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*Possible with a manual step in the Veeva setup

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