Your Plan for Success

OwnBackup Support and Services offer simple, efficient, and effective results with three Success plans. Having an intuitive product doesn’t mean you’re alone when you suffer from data loss or corruption. We recognize the need for more help, closer alignment, the opinions and safe hands of a data governance SME, as well as partnership at every level.

Success Plans

Standard Package
Premier Package
Premier Plus Package
Self Service Help Center & Onboarding Experience (Recover & SBS**)
Onboarding and Training delivered by experts* (Recover & SBS**)
Periodic Business Reviews*
24/7 Support including weekends & holidays
Technical Account Manager
  • Training Workshops
  • Data Recovery Exercises
  • Data Readiness Maturity assessments
  • Quarterly Technical Health Checks
  • Proactive Service Monitoring
  • Data Recovery Planning
Strategic Alignment
  • Executive Briefings
  • Customer Advisory Board Priority
* subject to minimum spend
** additional spend for Archive/Secure

View our Customer Support Policy and SLAs.

Customer Support Policy
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Standard Success Plan

Learn at your own pace with quick, self-guided resources at your fingertips. Take advantage of our experience built for the ultimate self-starter.
Learn best practices from a global community of Trailblazers
Upskill your teams with on-demand resources

Standard vs Premium Support

24/7/365 prioritized response times over other Standard plan customers
One hour guaranteed response time for high priority cases
Peace of mind
Nights and weekends are always covered
Business day cases get priority over standard customers

Premier Plus: Technical Account Manager

Included with Premier Plus is a dedicated Technical Account Manager. The Technical Account Manager (TAM) will be your main point of technical contact throughout your OwnBackup journey. They work proactively to ensure your goals are achieved. Some of the activities they carry out are provided here, but the exact ones will be shaped by your needs.

Training Workshops

Learn the products’ features with guided, hands-on training led by your TAM.
data recovery exercises

Data Recovery Exercises

Walk through real loss and corruptions - develop the recovery muscle so you can rely on it should the worst happen.

Data Recovery Readiness and Response (DR3)

How ready are you to handle data loss?

Technical Health Checks

Is the backup complete, given the ever evolving Salesforce platform? It is optimized? Is it possible to meet RPO and RTO?

Proactive Service Monitoring

Checking all your services on a daily basis.

Data Recovery Planning

Feed into a broader data governance strategy and DR plan.

Premier Plus: Strategic Alignment

A series of additional alignment and connections to get the most out of your partnership with OwnBackup.

Exec Briefings

Customers will be invited to special events and briefings with our Executive leadership team. This access will allow for direct conversation with our senior leadership team regarding process and product.

These events will be in multiple formats and will be scattered throughout the year.

Customer Advisory Board

The Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is an invitation-only customer advisory council that will help guide OwnBackup’s future direction and strategic roadmap.

Premier Plus customers will get priority for invitations as we show our partnership in wanting feedback from customers who are fully engaged with us at the highest levels.

Early Access

As part of the elevated partnership with Premier Plus, customers will have early access to new features and functionalities.

Customers will be asked to give feedback through their TAM and engagements noted above to enhance our products and future direction.
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Secure Services

For our Secure products, we offer engagements to get you up and running to quickly improve your security. Our Implementation, Security & Governance, and Support teams work together to enable you.
Secure Onboarding Program
Order Process Details
1 Implementation Application installation and settings review ensures customers can begin leveraging Secure immediately.
2 Security Risk Assessment More than 100 hours of high-level consultancy from security experts dedicated to analyzing risk specific to the customer’s internal infosec policies and Salesforce ecosystem.
3 Onboarding Session Hands-on product training to support customer adoption.
4 Standard Support Our award winning Support team, looking after all the OwnBackup products.

Security Risk Assessment

The SRA is a full system assessment where OwnBackup SMEs will work with you to review internal infosec policies, classify the entire Salesforce org data, and do a deep dive analysis of the system.

During the engagement, there are several sessions with you to get aligned, learn about their system, and teach you about their Salesforce security. As a result of the SRA, OwnBackup will provide several documents for you, including a risk-prioritized roadmap with some remediation guidance.


Identify, classify, and validate high-risk fields.
Health check session, and discovery to provide analysis context.
Identify risk and prepare deliverables.
Review deliverables and remediation plan.

Platform Encryption Workshop

A Platform Encryption Workshop helps you plan for and expedite the implementation of Salesforce Shield Encryption.

During the workshop, we will work with you to review internal Infosec policies, classify the entire Salesforce org data, and do a targeted analysis of high-risk fields that can be candidates for encryption.

We will then provide several documents for you, including a Platform Encryption Playbook with detailed recommendations and a phased approach to enable encryption for desired fields.


Identify, classify, and validate high-risk fields.
(Wish list candidates)
Create encryption wish list and identify blockers.
Playbook Creation
Custom implementation plan and checklist.
Review deliverables and remediation plan.

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