ServiceNow Data Protection

OwnBackup for ServiceNow provides daily automated backup and recovery solutions. Select the backup retention that meets your organizational needs (e.g. 1-year, 7-years, unlimited, etc). OwnBackup’s state-of-the-art tools for comparing specific tables, or the entire database to identify and restore the desired data, including attachments, and references, regardless of the settings on the database.

Backup ServiceNow

OwnBackup Backup ServiceNow Icon
  • Secure, automated daily backup of all your ServiceNow tables (including custom tables and custom fields).
  • Force backup on-demand anytime you need to, such as before an important data import.
  • Easily download individual tables or all data in CSV format.

Find ServiceNow

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Identify deleted or corrupted records so that you know exactly what to restore from when.

Compare ServiceNow

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Our smart table compare tool lets you easily identify data loss and data corruption by comparing your table data across snapshots.

Recover ServiceNow

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Extract and recover deleted/corrupted records in just a few clicks.