New Year, New Strategies For Securing Financial Services Data in Salesforce

February 17, 2022
11am ET, 4pm GMT
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Achieving data compliance and security is a challenge for all businesses - especially so for those in the heavily regulated financial services industry.

Join us as we discuss the challenges and opportunities to keep your business and critical data safe, secure, and compliant. Learn how leading organizations are implementing proactive strategies and discover some of the tools that you can utilize to ensure the same for your business.

Key audience takeaways:

Financial industry regulation acts as a “complexity multiplier” for an organization's data security, but those regulations can also help to define what steps need to be taken to achieve stability and data resiliency
A strong data security plan starts with a strong foundation rooted in data classification and defining access controls to that data
Key partners to financial services organizations are those that can provide tools to assess risk and manage data classification and access

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