Free Salesforce Security

Identify Your Risk Exposure and
Review Your Security Posture
The Salesforce Security Self-Assessment is a fast and free way to get a snapshot of your Salesforce Org's risk.

What you get with the

Scan your Org(s) and immediately see your Risk Score across 6 key areas:
Data Protection
Data Loss Prevention
Identify misconfigurations, incorrect permissions, and other possible exposures.
Inform if your current environment meets company security and compliance requirements.
Help support internal decisions around the need for additional workshops or tools (i.e. Salesforce Shield, Security Workshops).
Our assessment does not introduce additional risk surface. It is a Salesforce managed package that sits in your Salesforce Org.
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Easily identify your Risk Exposure

Rapidly review the overall security posture within Salesforce.

Gain insights into how to improve your security score by making configuration updates within Salesforce.

View previous analysis results via the Time Machine.

Generate a PDF Action Plan to obtain details on improving your score.

Export and share compliance reports to InfoSec and Auditors.

Why conduct a

The Average Production Org contains 2,600+ fields with sensitive data:

  • 89% of Users can read and edit sensitive data
  • 70% of Users can export reports
  • 80% of Users with settings or permissions are introducing unnecessary risk
  • 95% of High-Risk fields are not being tracked
  • Data classification is not completed

*Stats taken from the summarized findings of RevCult's Security Risk Assessments

  • Intuitive, Simple to use, Powerful.

    I think the title says it all. Never had to look at the documentation as it is that easy to use. However, don't let the simplicity fool you. It is a very powerful tool.
    Joey Rubino
    5-Star AppExchange Review
  • Accelerator.

    The team has been very open to feedback, feature requests, and support whenever we want to engage.
    Roopesh Sheth
    5-Star AppExchange Review
  • Simplifying a complicated task - Great Work!

    Not only did they deliver an application that simplifies a really complicated process, they provide a consultative approach with a wealth of experience. Very approachable with a great sense of humor!
    Donna Heyvaert
    5-Star AppExchange Review
  • Identify & Manage Risk.

    Cloud Security Cockpit provides excellent visibility and helps with identifying and managing risk! The team has been very helpful and has been great to work with!
    Adam Safie
    5-Star AppExchange Review

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