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Salesforce Data Recovery

After identifying Salesforce data changes, the real challenge becomes recovering data from each backup, while maintaining relationships. Recovering data from the Weekly Export can take days to weeks, depending on the amount that was changed. Rapidly recover from any data loss scenario with OwnBackup for Salesforce.
Screenshot of OwnBackup's Complete Data Recovery Services

Complete Salesforce Data Recovery

Data, Metadata, Attachments, Chatter…Everything

Data, Metadata, Attachments, and Related Records

Fine-Tuned Granularity

Recover Any Level of Data

Save time by selecting which data needs to be recovered at the Org, Record, and Field levels in just a few clicks.

Screenshot of OwnBackup's Fine-Tuned Granularity Services
Screenshot of OwnBackup's Parent/Child Relationship Data Link

Unbreakable Relationships

Parent-Child-Grandchild, Lookup, Junction

Proceed with confidence knowing that your data will be recovered, with relationships intact, up to five levels deep.

Flexible Recovery Options

Record-Level, Field-Level, Bulk, Full Snapshot, and More

Recover data from multiple points in time, no matter when it was lost, changed, or corrupted.

Send recovered data to any of your backed-up environments, including Sandboxes.

Screenshot of OwnBackup's Flexible Recovery Options service