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The State of Salesforce Data Protection

2020 Annual Report on SaaS Data Loss and Corruption Trends

Word from the Chief Executive Officer

From Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, to Marketing Cloud and Einstein, digital transformation on the Salesforce Platform has helped enterprises break data silos and deliver connected experiences across channels and departments. To provide these exceptional experiences, companies store extensive data within Salesforce.

The most critical data, according to our 2020 State of Salesforce Data Protection survey, consists of customer data, accounts, opportunities, and contacts. Digital transformation initiatives rely on accurate and available Salesforce CRM data...as do winning sales departments!

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Salesforce Data Protection Is Crucial for Business Continuity

Accidental data loss and corruption are by far the biggest concern among companies when it comes to Salesforce data protection.

Establishing a backup and recovery safety net is the primary way companies can become more prepared for a data loss scenario. In addition to having a data backup and recovery strategy in place, companies can immediately minimize accidental data loss and corruption risk by lowering the amount of Salesforce system admins, reducing “modify all data” permissions, ensuring all Salesforce admins in their instances are certified, and establishing unique credentials for each integration.

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Companies Are at High Risk Without Salesforce Backup and Recovery

88% of Companies Have No Comprehensive Backup and Recovery Strategy.

A comprehensive backup and recovery process requires the ability to backup both data and metadata daily, as well as the ability to find and recover quickly. Without a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy in place, your business could be at serious risk of user-inflicted data loss and corruption.

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Salesforce Data Loss and Corruption Detection Is Challenging

Almost half of all Salesforce data loss and corruption incidents were caused by Human Error.

In organizations of all sizes, having too many people with administrator permissions often leads to human-related data loss or corruption that may go unnoticed for days or weeks.

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Data Recovery Can Be Time Consuming

84% of companies took over a day to find and recover their lost or corrupted data.

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