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Salesforce Data Protection

OwnBackup helps you protect your Salesforce data through daily backups, advanced comparison tools, fine-tuned recovery, easy sandbox seeding, and comprehensive management features.

Backup Salesforce

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Protect data and metadata with comprehensive, automated backups and stress-free recovery. Immediately identify data deletions, or modifications and restore any or all data to a specific point in time.

  • Effortless onboarding—log in, follow an automated process and begin backing data in minutes
  • Comprehensive backup of custom objects, standard objects, attachments, and metadata
  • Instantly view and restore single records, multiple records, or all records
  • Configure rules to monitor for and alert you to data 
or metadata changes
  • Enterprise-ready for even the largest orgs
  • Manage backups of multiple orgs through a single interface
  • Manually backup any org, at any time
  • Unlimited storage
  • Backups stored and accessed outside of Salesforce for anytime recovery


Recover Salesforce

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With OwnBackup you don’t need be a Salesforce.com expert to recover from a data loss. OwnBackup is the only solution that provides you with easy and advanced tools to recover from a data loss scenario of any size and at any level of granularity.

  • Rollback your entire org to a previous version in just a few clicks
  • Recover only the deleted/corrupted records and the related child objects
  • Rollback field changes in bulk to a previous version
  • Recover parent-child relationships
  • Reconnect orphans
  • Recover attachments
  • Recover backed up data to any Salesforce environment


Manage Salesforce

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  • Visually find and compare data between environments and backup snapshots
  • Export data to any SQL destination
  • Automated alerts
  • Backup storage and retention
  • Full Org data export
  • On-going data change monitoring


Compare Salesforce

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When you discover a Salesforce.com data loss or corruption, you don’t always know the cause. More often than not, the first step to recovery is figuring out the total extent of the data loss.

  • Compare data at any level
  • View all added, deleted, and changed records between two backup snapshots of your org
  • View field level changes on changed records
  • View all differences between two different environments
  • View line by line code comparison across Orgs and snapshots


Replicate Salesforce

OwnBackup Replicate Salesforce Icon

Go faster with OwnBackup. No more wasting precious admin and development resources manually moving data between orgs. Replicate data and metadata with a few simple clicks. Set up a fresh data set whenever needed – for testing code, integrated apps, workflow, rules, reports and more.

  • Automated relationship integrity
  • Exclude attachments from test data
  • Filter test data with .CSV format editing
  • Large data set replication
  • (1) Full sandbox backup


Sandbox Seeding for Salesforce

OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding Icon

OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding makes it easy to populate a Salesforce sandbox with your perfect, anonymized test data set in minutes. This means shorter development and QA cycles, with sized-to-fit, more-relevant data.

  • Create the perfect test data set
  • Anonymize your test data
  • Automated relationship integrity
  • Exclude attachments from test data
  • Compare data and metadata across environments
  • Preview test data set
  • Disable triggers and rules
  • Large data set replication
  • Retained Backups per Enterprise/Unlimited Plans
  • Multi-Org Management