Accidental Deletion
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33% of data loss in US occurs due to accidental deletion
Incorrect Overwriting
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27% of data loss occurs due to overwriting of correct information with incorrect information
User Errors
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70% of data loss can be attributed to user errors
Risk Score Assessment
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Salesforce User-Inflicted Data Loss Risk Assessment
Run our comprehensive risk assessment model to learn your company’s overall data loss risk score.
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OwnBackup High-Frequency Backup for Salesforce

Reduce data loss by backing up your highly-transactional, frequently-changing data as often as every hour with OwnBackup High-Frequency Backup for Salesforce.

Salesforce Backup High Frequency OwnBackup 

Protect Frequently-Changing Data

OwnBackup High-Frequency Backup protects specific, highly-transactional objects, such as financial transactional data, customer support cases, or eCommerce data, which are often updated multiple times a day.

Support Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare and life sciences or financial services companies must comply with regulations requiring multiple backups per day of highly-critical, sensitive, or personal data. For these companies, OwnBackup High-Frequency Backup could be a critical component of a successful regulatory compliance plan.