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OwnBackup for Financial Services

 Salesforce® Backup and Recovery, Secured for Financial Services

Salesforce customers in the financial services industry are subject to evolving regulations and have strict audit and storage requirements. OwnBackup offers these organizations a secure, cost-effective Salesforce data protection and disaster recovery solution. Relevant financial services regulations and organizations include: SEC 17a-4 and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulation Authority).

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Backups Are Always Stored in an Immutable, Portable Format

By design, OwnBackup stores all backup files in a format that cannot be modified or deleted.

OwnBackup customers have full control over their backups, with the ability to export any backup from OwnBackup to a separate location for data portability whenever needed.

Blockchain Verify Supports Regulatory Compliance

Regulators in the financial services industry require independent verification that the integrity of their backups is preserved. As a first in the Salesforce disaster recovery ecosystem, Blockchain Verify delivers that proof. Through Blockchain Verify, the integrity of backup files can be irrefutably and independently confirmed by OwnBackup, or any third-party with authorized access to the blockchain.

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Legal Hold Support for Your Salesforce Backups

Swiftly label and find relevant “legal hold” backups in your backup history to preserve relevant data when litigation is reasonably anticipated.

Submit requests to have specific backups stored indefinitely on OwnBackup, irrespective of retention policies.

Export any backup to a separate system, when needed.

Security Controls for Financial Services

From its inception, OwnBackup has taken privacy and security very seriously. Our platform was built from the ground up with security in mind, utilizing leading information-security best practices. OwnBackup’s security features include:

• Encryption in transit via TLS 1.2
• FIPS 140-2 validated encryption
• Encryption at rest (AES-256) and in transmission
• Multi-factor, Single-Sign-On (SSO), and IP address Restrictions
• All activities are logged for audit and monitoring purposes
• A comprehensive information security program, with annual SOC 2 Type II third-party audits

OwnBackup Smart Alerts
OwnBackup Advanced Key Management

Advanced Key Management for Additional Security

For many organizations, maintaining control of encryption keys is essential for protecting data in the cloud. OwnBackup’s Advanced Key Management provides organizations the ability to encrypt backups with their own encryption keys. Customers with Advanced Key Management enabled can submit, rotate, and revoke their own encryption keys.