Accidental Deletion
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33% of data loss in US occurs due to accidental deletion
Incorrect Overwriting
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27% of data loss occurs due to overwriting of correct information with incorrect information
User Errors
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70% of data loss can be attributed to user errors
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Sage Business Cloud Financials Data Protection


Your organization uses Sage Business Cloud Financials (formerly Sage Live) to store important business accounting and financial data. OwnBackup provides an extra layer of protection for your Sage data through daily backups, advanced comparison tools, fine-tuned recovery, and comprehensive management capabilities.


Screenshot of OwnBackup's data backup services

Full Data & Metadata Backup and Recovery

Data Protection Peace of Mind

OwnBackup offers a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Sage administrators. Capabilities include:

• Automated daily backups of all data, metadata, and attachments, including Transactions, Journals, Posting Rules, Business Accounts, Products, and more
• Quick data recovery to keep vital information available when systems fail
• Granular data Restore to specific points in time

Fast Data Change Identification

Proactive Sage Data Management

OwnBackup helps Sage users have more visibility into changes to their data. Helpful capabilities include:

• Smart Alerts that send notifications when data has been deleted, modified, or added
• Visual graphs that help administrators swiftly identify exactly when and how extensively data was changed
• Compare tool that allows administrators to identify data and metadata changes by reviewing backup snapshots side-by-side

Screenshot of OwnBackup's Smart Alerts
Screenshot of OwnBackup's fast streamlined data protection

Easy-to-Manage Archiving

Maintain Sage Backups in One Place

To comply with regulations, companies have to securely store business-critical financial and accounting data for extended periods. Not only that, but this data should also be readily accessible to authorized users for quick reference.

OwnBackup assists with these challenges by providing:

• Customizable backup data storage retention
• Find, Label, and Filter tools to quickly locate specific data, even in the largest of archives