SaaS Data, the Shocking Truth: It’s Time to Rethink Data Security

August 19, 2021 from 3-3:30pm BST
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Graham Russell
Market Intelligence Manager
Demetrius Malbrough
Director of Technical Evangelism
Andrew Hart
Director of Technical Architects

The last 18 months have caused many organisations to re-examine their data security processes and policies.

The prevalence of cloud services has created a false sense of data security. Many are unaware of and utterly unprepared for the loss of sensitive data, often critical to business operations. Our latest research, carried out by Forrester, unearthed some shocking truths about the state of SaaS data protection in Europe and that organisations that have adopted third-party Backup & Recovery solutions report significant benefits and cost savings.

If your business needs are evolving faster than your current data protection policies, it’s time to take action.

In this 30 min session we’ll uncover these research findings:

  • SaaS provider V SaaS user data protection responsibilities
  • Common data loss scenarios and their devastating business impacts
  • How many European organisations are backing up their SaaS CRM data
  • Data recovery implications for those that are backing up their data Vs those that aren’t
  • The benefits and cost savings reported by those who do have a third party backup and recovery solution

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