So much data, so little time: A strategic approach to managing your Salesforce storage

An open discussion about how a data archival solution can help you reduce storage costs and improve system performance. 
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Demetrius Malbrough
Director of Technical Evangelism
Darren Ferneyhough
Salesforce Administrator
OwnBackup Customer

According to Gartner, 30% of CRM data is no longer relevant within 12 months.

As organizations’ customer data rapidly grows and ages over time, the issue of maintaining and managing all of that data in a Salesforce production org becomes increasingly compounded.

Join OwnBackup’s Director of Technical Evangelism, Demetrius Malbrough, and Darren Ferneyhough, Salesforce Admin and OwnBackup customer, for an open discussion about how a data archival solution can help you reduce storage costs, improve system performance, declutter your production org, and minimize compliance concerns.

Key highlights:

Identify the symptoms of the compounding issue of growing and aging data
Evaluate the options when approaching or exceeding storage limits
Think strategically about managing data throughout its lifecycle

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