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Backup and Recovery

Dynamics 365 & Power Platform: Rethinking Data Security and Recovery

Join us to discuss how the Power Platform is revolutionizing business operations and the importance of SaaS data protection.

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Bob Grohovsky

Director - US Healthcare


Graham Russell

Director, Market Intelligence


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Power Platform apps and the Dataverse power your business-critical processes, enhance agility, and provide best-in-class experiences to customers and employees. The proliferation of these cloud applications has also created unprecedented data governance challenges for companies of all sizes.

Join speakers from Microsoft and OwnBackup as they discuss how the Power Platform is revolutionizing business operations, the importance of SaaS data protection, and why so many organizations falsely assume that their data is safe in the cloud. You’ll also get a sneak peek of OwnBackup’s new backup and recovery solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which launches later this year.

What you'll learn

Top use cases and workloads being built on this powerful platform

SaaS provider versus SaaS user data protection responsibilities

Common data loss scenarios and their devastating business impacts

Data recovery implications for those backing up their data versus those who aren’t

The benefits and cost savings reported by those who have a third-party backup and recovery solution

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