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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Wave 1: How It Could Impact Your Data
Watch now to learn the top three things to consider when adopting a semiannual release.
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Recover Demo
During this 25 minute session, we will deep dive into our Backup & Recovery solution.
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Sandbox Seeding Demo
During this 20 minute session we will deep dive into our Sandbox Seeding solution.
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Archive Demo
During this 20 minute session, we will take a deep dive into our Archive solution.
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Replatforming ServiceNow: The Data Conundrum
In this session, we bring together the CTO of OwnBackup, Adrian Kunzle, and the Global Strategist for Technology at New Rocket, Kirk Hogan, to discuss potential risks to SaaS data and strategies to mitigate this risk.
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Salesforce Backup, Archiving, Sandbox Seeding - Which strategy is right for you?
Your Salesforce data has a lifecycle. It’s created, stored, shared, and, eventually, archived. At each stage, though, there are challenges that an admin will inevitably face...
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Salesforce Data Security: Your Blueprint for Success in 2023
OwnBackup is joined by Salesforce and PwC to explore how to identify technology blindspots and reduce the impact of data breaches, the importance of ‘zero-trust’, what the blueprint for SaaS data security looks like - and more.
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