Your Blueprint for SaaS Data Security

Our ‘Blueprint for SaaS Data Security’ report, created in partnership with Salesforce and Raconteur, outlines some of the key issues facing IT and security professionals across the globe.
Featuring commentary from thought-leaders and experts alongside industry research and analysis, this report is your blueprint to future-proof data security within your organization.
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Both Salesforce and OwnBackup believe that no company in the cloud should ever lose data. We hope this blueprint will provide you with the insights and areas of focus needed to protect your mission-critical data.

About the blueprint

Alongside Salesforce, we wanted to examine key market issues such as the increase in cyber attacks, the importance of a “zero-trust” mindset in businesses, as well as providing readers with practical steps they can take.

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of SaaS data loss risk is attributed to data deletion
of that is due to accidental deletion
ESG and OwnBackup, 2022
Top 3 causes of data loss and corruption in those unaware of their organization’s responsibility for SaaS backup
Rogue add-on apps
Human error
OwnBackup, 2021

Is there something phishy going on?

Threats like phishing scams are a constant threat to company data, but what forms of attack should firms be most concerned about?

Data security is
everyone's responsibility

Some staff may feel hindered or disconnected from security departments. Perceptions need to change, and security leaders have a major role to play in fixing this image problem.

When was the last time your organization encountered a data loss or corruption incident within your SaaS CRM application?
OwnBackup, 2021
In the event of a data loss or corruption incident within your SaaS CRM application, who do you believe is responsible for protecting the data and ensuring data?
Vendor’s responsibility/
don’t know
My organization’s
To what extent do you agree with the statement: “Data stored in the cloud is automatically backed up” regarding your SaaS CRM application?
OwnBackup, 2021

Build your strategy around Shared Responsibility

Many organizations believe their SaaS vendor automatically backs up all of their data, but this misconception can put mission-critical data at risk.

What do the experts think?

Andrea Acciarri, Principal, Cyber, Risk & RegSalesforce at PwC, Doug Cox, Principal Security Engineer at Salesforce and Duncan Jefferies, Technology Journalist, join Graham Russell, Market Intelligence Director at OwnBackup to discuss the implications of the report.
OwnBackup, 2021
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