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Data Protection

Our annual report reveals what you should know about data loss and corruption in the SaaS universe. Based on data collected from over 1,350 global users, this report explores current thoughts, behaviors and trends that emerged in the last year.
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About this report

We commissioned Forrester Research to gather insights from 1,350+ business and IT decision makers who influence their organization’s SaaS CRM applications.
We wanted to know: Are SaaS CRM users ready for data loss or corruption? Or are you waiting for the moment of truth?
A few highlights from one sample group of respondents: those aware of their organization’s responsibility for SaaS backup.

Data loss is inevitable

The vast majority of organizations have suffered a data loss or corruption incident in their SaaS CRM application within the last year.
Even if the SaaS provider platform has no security shortcomings, a single application has an infinite number of possibilities for mistakes and oversights. And data loss and corruption can go unnoticed for days or weeks.

Most organizations don’t fully salvage their data

Organizations that suffer CRM data losses rarely recover 100% of their lost or corrupted data.
What percentage of lost or corrupted data did your organization manage to recover from the incident?

A proactive solution will protect your organization

The vast majority of organizations that implemented third-party backup applications reported considerable benefits and cost savings.
A proactive data protection strategy prevents you from losing access to mission-critical SaaS data, so you never have to worry about data loss disrupting your business — or your life.

2021 State of SaaS
Data Protection Report

Our goal of this research is to raise awareness about the importance of SaaS data protection. Because no company operating in the cloud should ever lose data.
Download the report to learn more about:
How many organizations assume their SaaS CRM data is protected
The types of simple mistakes that happen every day
How a data loss or corruption incident can disrupt your business
Why you need a proactive data protection strategy
And more
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