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The #1 Backup and Recover Solution for Salesforce Administrators

Protect your data and metadata from loss and corruption with automated backups and the ability to recover data quickly and efficiently.
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Minimize downtime in the event of data loss or corruption
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Know when your data has been added, changed, or removed
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Fix data issues almost as soon as they happen
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Protect 100% of the data that drives your business

Object Types Metadata Custom Objects Chatter Feeds Knowledge Articles Person Accounts Files Attachments sObject Accounts Account Shares Account L1 Histories Account L1 cs 2,765 2,766 300 300 1.25 MB 368 KB 34.6 KB 140 KB sObject Records Size 607 106,580 sObjects: Records: Backup from October 02, 00:20
Get complete backups of your critical Salesforce data on a schedule or on demand - within minutes of getting started.
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Smart Alerts Alerts History Alert me when > 20 Opportunities Change > 50 Accounts Removed > 250 Leads Added Anomaly detected:
Customize alerts to uncover significant changes to specific objects and the number of records added, removed or modified.
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Changes in Workflows Metadata Type 19 19 20 20 21 21 22 22 23 23 24 24 25 25 26 26
Compare backups to identify changes to records and fields. Easily locate data and metadata that was added, deleted or changed.
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84 Account records will be restored 86 Account_L1_c records 84 Complaint_c records 84 Case records 44 Service_Request_c records sObject Contacts 957 6 Removed Records Changed Added API Calls -84 +6 4 RESTORE
Recover the exact data you need from any backup in your history without affecting valid data added since the backup occurred.
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  • This product has enablemed my team to make quick restores on lost data and have saved us thousands of dollars in Salesforce backups and restores.
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  • As a newer admin, and new customer to OwnBackup, I was impressed with how simple and quick the implementation was. In less than an hour, we had a backup of our full data and metadata, and I feel comfortable and ready to use the service.
    salesforce trailblazers
  • We no longer have to worry about our Salesforce data. OwnBackup is a brilliant admin tool that goes beyond general backups of data.
    salesforce trailblazers
  • First off, the reliability with OwnBackup has been great. For the past year we haven't actually NEEDED OwnBackup, but the peace of mind was great. Today, however, I needed it… the simple "Restore" button truly saved me countless hours and headaches.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my free trial?

A trial of OwnBackup Recover for Salesforce lasts 14 days.

What features are included in my trial of OwnBackup Recover for Salesforce?

This trial of OwnBackup Recover for Salesforce includes all of the features in our Unlimited package and is purpose-built for organizations with less than 200 licenses.

How do I upgrade my trial to an annual subscription?

With this special offer, you can purchase OwnBackup Recover for Salesforce with self-service onboarding for up to 137 users/$6000, per year payable via credit card. Other plans and products can be found here.

How much does a OwnBackup Recover for Salesforce subscription cost?

This version of OwnBackup Recover for Salesforce for up to 137 users, this plan is $6,000 annually.

How do I cancel my trial?

There’s no need to cancel your subscription. Your trial will simply expire after 14 days and OwnBackup will automatically stop backing up your Salesforce data and metadata.

What happens when my trial expires?

When your trial expires, OwnBackup will stop automatically backing up your Salesforce data and metadata. To ensure your data is protected and continues to backup, upgrade your trial account to a paid subscription.

Where do I access Help & Training resources?

You can access our Knowledge Base at any time or in the OwnBackup platform by following the links to Help & Support. From here, you’ll find onboarding videos, the product Guide and troubleshooting articles.

What kind of data backups can I perform?

With OwnBackup Recover for Salesforce you can perform four types of backups; automatic, full, synthetic or manual/on-demand.

Learn more in our Knowledge Base article here.

How do I configure an automated backup?

You can set the time and day you want an automated backup to run in the Options menu.

Learn more in our Knowledge Base article here.

I need additional information about OwnBackup.

Reach out to our team at trial@ownbackup.com to learn more.

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