Get More from Your Sandbox with OwnBackup

Manual Sandbox Seeding is time-consuming and difficult. Everyone needs sandboxes to do their testing but…

  • Obtaining a full copy Salesforce sandbox is expensive.

  • Efficiently seeding relevant data into a sandbox is a challenge.

  • Developers cannot fully test when limited to partial data, which can allow bugs and errors to slip into production.

  • Manually preparing a sandbox test data set can take hours or even days, which can mean corners are often cut in the development and QA process.

Need a full-service data protection
 and development solution?

Just need sandbox seeding testing tools to optimize your production process?

OwnBackup with Sandbox Seeding

OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding makes it easy to populate a Salesforce sandbox with your perfect, anonymized test data set in minutes. This means shorter development and QA cycles, with sized-to-fit, more-relevant data.

Create The Perfect Test Data Set

Fine-tune and reduce the size of sandbox test data with a pre-set filter, query, or by editing in .CSV format before seeding to your sandbox destination.

Anonymize Your Test Data

Protect confidentiality during testing by obscuring data.

Automated Relationship Integrity

Automatically detect children, parent, and object dependencies that are missing from your data selection.

Exclude Attachments from Test Data

Save time and space in your sandbox by leaving out test data attachments.

Compare Data and Metadata Across Environments

Uncover differences between production and sandbox environments before or after deployment.

Preview Test Data Set

Review test data set size and content to ensure relevancy and fit before seeding to your destination sandbox.

Disable Triggers and Rules

Turn off triggers, workflows, and validation rules, with automatic reactivation upon sandbox seeding completion.

Large Data Set Replication

Identify qualifying data to prepare a specific sandbox test data set.

Retained Backups per Enterprise/Unlimited Plans

Multi-Org Management

OwnBackup Standalone Sandbox Seeding

Get all of the above sandbox seeding capabilities and up to 5 daily / On-Demand Total Retained Backups. Plus…

Multi-Org Management

Smart Compare Tools


(1) Full Sandbox Backup per Production Environment

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