Someone is always talking. We're always taking notes.

Has Slack has become a big part of your team’s working lives? Do you keep in touch, plan …couldn’t live without it?

While you and your team are getting work done faster and more collaboratively on Slack, you’re also documenting history. Plans, ideas, decisions …and the images that go with them. They’re not only the new fabric of your organization, they are records that you may need later for compliance purposes.

Now,consider the impact of losing your Slack data and relationships.  How would you even start to determine what is actually missing? Could you locate and retrieve just that data?

This is why we’ve added OwnBackup for Slack.   We believe that no company operating on the cloud should ever lose data.

The way we are accomplishing this is with unobtrusive, easy-to-use systems that provide a reliable data lifeline even when cloud applications are down.

Our comprehensive backup, visual compare, and fast recovery capabilities have helped hundreds of organizations through data loss and corruption crises. Now, we also provide backup and retrieve with Own Backup for Slack.

How are you protecting your Slack data?

With OwnBackup for Slack (beta), you can:

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    Backup Your Slack Data

    OwnBackup for Slack is the only solution that allows you to incrementally backup all your channels history, including files and pins, users and team information, multiple times per day.

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    Manage and Monitor from a single Dashboard

    View and manage all your backups from a single Dashboard, while also monitoring your OwnBackup for Slack backup jobs.

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    Retrieve just the data you want

    You don’t always know the extent of the data loss when it happens. We provide the visibility  that allows you to quickly browse and retrieve all or any data from backup copies.

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    Meet Compliance Needs

    Avoid the loss of important conversations that you may need later for compliance purposes.


Your world on Slack, protected.

You are have embraced Slack and your team’s productivity depends on it. When something goes wrong with Slack, you all feel it. You need be able to pick up where you left off, ASAP, OwnBackup is the only Slack backup solution that gives you a complete set of tools to recover from data loss of any size and at any level of granularity.