The First and Only ServiceNow Backup Solution Built for the Enterprise

While ServiceNow takes great care to make sure your data is secure and available at all times, that does not mean your data is safe from user-inflicted data loss (e.g. human-errors, malicious employees, 3rd-party app integration), data corruption or malware.

While ServiceNow can use their backups to help you recover from a user-inflicted data loss or corruption, you may find that their backup policies do not align with your corporate policies or needs.

If you are interested in backing up your ServiceNow data, OwnBackup’s solution provides daily, secure, automated backups. Customers can select the backup retention that meets their organizational needs (e.g. 1-year, 7-years, unlimited, etc). Additionally, OwnBackup users can utilize state-of-the-art tools for comparing specific tables, or the entire database to identify and restore the desired data, including attachments, and references, regardless of the settings on the database.

OwnBackup for ServiceNow core functionality includes:

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    Daily Backups

    Secure, automated daily backup of all your ServiceNow tables (including custom tables and custom fields).

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    Force Backup Now

    Initiate a backup on demand

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    Identify deleted/corrupted records

    Our smart table compare tool lets you easily identify data loss and data corruption by comparing your table data across snapshots

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    Direct Downloads

    Easily download individual tables in CSV format

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    Export All Functionality

    Download the content of an entire snapshot with a simple download link

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    Extract and recover deleted/corrupted records

    Download the added/changed/removed records in .csv format to easily restore them using ServiceNow import-sets

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