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Platform Overview

Maintain Business Continuity with Comprehensive Salesforce Data Protection

OwnBackup is committed to helping our communities in any way we can during these challenging times. We understand there are lots of things you may be concerned about. We are doing everything possible to make sure your Salesforce data isn’t one of them.

OwnBackup offers administrators and developers peace of mind around SaaS data loss and corruption recovery. Our platform provides a comprehensive solution to backup, compare, recover, archive, and manage large, complex SaaS-based data sets. With OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding, Development and QA teams can shorten cycles by configuring and replicating relevant test data sets to sandboxes, on demand, with just a few clicks.



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OwnBackup’s secure, automated, daily backups will put you at ease so that you can worry about other things. No more remembering to download the weekly export. Just set it and forget it.

  • Automated backup, with no on premise storage required.

  • Comprehensive data and metadata backups, including custom objects, standard objects (including chatter feeds and shares), and attachments.

  • On-Demand, Object-Level, High-Frequency Backups help reduce data loss, especially for frequently-modified objects.

  • Independent backup access and operation, even when your SaaS platform is down.


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Identify the cause of data loss or corruption by analyzing the total extent of the damage.

  • Compare data and metadata at any level to see what’s been added, deleted, or changed.

  • Recovering deleted or corrupted data with confidence.

  • This tool is extremely visual. Clear visual indications of when data is lost.



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Our advanced, platform-specific tools allow you to quickly recover from any data loss scenario.

  • Restore backed up data from multiple points in time to the same environment, or to any of your other backed up environments, with parent-child relationships up to five levels deep.

  • Recover at any level of granularity: the Org, the Record, and the Field-Level with just a few clicks.

  • Metadata and attachments can be restored along with their related records.



OwnBackup Replicate Tools Screenshot


Go faster with OwnBackup. No more wasting precious admin and development resources manually moving data between orgs. Replicate data and metadata with a few simple clicks. Set up a fresh data set whenever needed – for testing code, integrated apps, workflow, rules, reports and more.

  • Automated relationship integrity

  • Exclude attachments from test data

  • Filter test data with .CSV format editing

  • Large data set replication

  • (1) Full sandbox backup



OwnBackup Management Tools Screenshot


Use our powerful, integrated platform to streamline your data administration activities.

  • Easily search for and discover lost or corrupted data using OwnBackup Find.

  • Integrate OwnBackup processes, such as starting a backup, with external systems, using OwnBackup API.

  • Leverage proactive monitoring and Smart Alerts to stay on top of your data.

  • Export your full Org or any backup snapshot to your SQL system.



OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding Tools Screenshot

Sandbox Seeding & Scratch Org Seeding

Shorten development and QA cycles by creating and replicating perfect, anonymized test data sets in minutes.

  • Quickly filter down and seed the exact data you need to any size sandbox or Scratch Org.

  • Maintain data integrity easily when pushing to a sandbox or Scratch Org.

  • Train new admins and developers in realistic environment.





Accelerate Salesforce® performance directly from your Salesforce platform.

  • Administer with an enterprise-robust archiving tool.

  • Provide end users in-platform access.

  • Set a custom archiving policy.

  • Unarchive directly from Salesforce.

  • Manage archive logs and policies from a single dashboard.

  • Archive securely for regulatory compliance.





Compliance Support for GDPR, HIPAA, FDA, FERPA, and others.

  • Manage with enterprise-grade security & access controls.

  • Find data across all backup snapshots to respond to requests.

  • Set customizable data retention policies.

  • Maintain immutable backups.

  • Set up simple backup reporting & notification.


OwnBackup API

Integrate OwnBackup Processes with External Systems through API Calls.

  • Integrate OwnBackup with your current release management tools and development operations.

  • Export your backup files automatically to a variety of databases.

  • Expose Salesforce data to on-premise applications, BI systems, and analytics tools.

  • Conserve Salesforce API calls by presenting data through the OwnBackup API instead of through multiple direct calls to the Salesforce API.




OwnBackup High-Frequency Backups

Reduce data loss by backing up highly-transactional, frequently-changing data as often as every hour.

  • Protect specific, frequently-changing data.

  • Support compliance regulations requiring multiple backups per day of highly-critical personal data.



The Platforms We Support

Salesforce Logo

While Salesforce uses world-class business continuity procedures to guarantee uptime and availability, that doesn’t mean your data is comprehensively protected. OwnBackup securely backs up all of your Salesforce organizational data and metadata on a daily basis, giving you peace of mind that you can recover from any data loss or corruption scenario.



Your organization uses Sage Business Cloud Financials (formerly Sage Live) to store important business accounting and financial data. OwnBackup provides an extra layer of protection for your Sage data through daily backups, advanced comparison tools, fine-tuned recovery, and comprehensive management capabilities.



Veeva enables life sciences companies to better understand their customers, engaging them with the right content and services throughout their customer lifecycles. Protect your investment in Veeva through daily backups of your data, advanced backup comparison tools, fine-tuned recovery, powerful archiving, and comprehensive data management and monitoring capabilities. Your critical business data, including customer interaction histories, territory management data, account plans, and medical events, is safe with OwnBackup.



Financial institutions gain significant ROI and a true competitive advantage from nCino. Guard your nCino data through daily backups of your data, advanced backup comparison tools, fine-tuned recovery, powerful archiving, and comprehensive data management and monitoring capabilities.