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OwnBackup Archiver
Enterprise-Grade Data Governance for Salesforce

Reduce Salesforce storage costs, enhance system performance, and comply with internal policies and industry and government regulations.

Effortlessly define, automate, and manage custom data retention policies that include specific data to be archived, how frequently data archiving activities occur, and how long archived data is retained.
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Reduce System Costs

Are you near or over your Salesforce data and file storage limits, but hesitant to delete data? There’s no need to purchase more space or add user licences.

  • Easily monitor Salesforce data usage and archive storage.
  • Manage flexible archiving policies to automatically relocate specific data from production.
  • Maintain the integrity of parent/child record and attachment relationships of archive data.
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Improve System Performance

Bloated legacy data is a primary cause of performance issues like long wait times for fields to populate and pages to refresh, and slow operations like search, reporting, dashboard rendering, calculations and other critical tasks.

  • Remove data clutter by archiving specific legacy data.
  • View related archived records on the associated parent records directly within Salesforce.
  • Enable users to unarchive records with just one click.

Address Compliance Concerns

Maintain compliance with geographic, industry and internal rules regulations. Offload data that must be retained for specified periods of time and/or deleted by specified periods of time.

  • Safely archive immutable records to the cloud.
  • Secure sensitive legacy data to minimize risk and exposure.
  • Leverage cutting-edge encryption and role-based controls for archiving and unarchiving data.
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Better address compliance with industry and government regulations that require secure, immutable backups and archives, specifically for companies in highly-regulated industries, such as:

Healthcare and Life Sciences


Financial Services