Don't let a data loss
incident disrupt
your productivity.

Leading manufacturers leverage OwnBackup for Salesforce and ServiceNow to future-proof their data.
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Protect your Salesforce and ServiceNow data with OwnBackup.

Customer Order Accuracy
Proactive smart alerts ensure that you are the first to know about data corruption or deletion.

Service and Operations Business Improvement
Visual graphs help immediately identify data additions, modifications, and deletions. This significantly reduces Recovery Time, helping you focus on field service and operations.

Our solutions can help you to:

Stay Compliant

Encrypted backup of data, metadata, attachments, chatter, and standard and custom objects are more secure

Recover Faster

Rapid recovery of data and metadata, no matter the scale  or how granular.

Manage Proactively

Receive real-time alerts when data is changed, deleted, or corrupted.

Command your Search

Explore your entire backup archive to easily find specific records.

Protect Development

Replicate/seed sandboxes and speed development and QA cycles.

Control Enterprise

Manage all your Salesforce organizations from a single dashboard.

OwnBackup for Manufacturing Resources


Connecting Customers to Data: How Manufacturers are Innovating on Salesforce

Industry experts to discuss how manufacturers can accelerate the deployment of new applications while protecting their most valuable asset - data.

How Manufacturers Can Move to The Cloud with Confidence

Adopting a CRM like Salesforce is a critical first step in many manufacturers’ digital transformations. But there are implications that come with the transition that many companies overlook.

Featured Customer Case Studies

Mölnlycke prevents accidental data loss from disrupting operations by using OwnBackup
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Essilor International, the world's largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, chooses OwnBackup to secure its data.
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Automobili Lamborghini safeguards their data and metadata with OwnBackup Recover
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Over 5,000 Customers Across Every Industry & Company Size

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