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OwnBackup for Head of IT

Maintain Peace of Mind with a Complete Backup and Recovery Solution

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OwnBackup allows companies of all sizes to not only backup their SaaS data, but also recover quickly from any type of data loss or corruption scenario.

Protect Business-Critical SaaS Data

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Data loss happens more often than you may think. OwnBackup helps your team recover from SaaS data loss or corruption caused by human error, malicious intent, integrations with external systems, and bad code/triggers.

Optimize Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

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With OwnBackup, your company will shorten its SaaS data Recovery Time Objective (RTO), while minimizing its SaaS Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Access SaaS Data Independently

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OwnBackup operates as a standalone service, so you can access your data even if your SaaS provider is temporarily down.

Reduce SaaS and On-Prem Data Storage Costs

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OwnBackup provides companies with unlimited backup storage and retention archiving, so you can maintain predictable storage costs no matter how much data you have.