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OwnBackup GDPR Interview Series

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As we approach the May 25, 2018 deadline OwnBackup is here to help our customers support the critical rights of EU citizens under this regulation. 

To help our customers prepare we are sharing our approach directly from the experts via the OwnBackup GDPR Interview Series. Come back each morning to see the latest and please contact us anytime if you have questions. We're here to help!



Part 1: Controller Obligations under GDPR for SaaS Backups

May 16, 2018


Part 2: GDPR Compliance for Data Controllers 

May 17, 2018

Part 3: SaaS Backup Retention Under GDPR

May 18, 2018

Part 4: GDPR Right to be Forgotten or Erasure for SaaS Backups

May 21, 2018

Part 5: SaaS Data Processor Support for GDPR 

May 22, 2018


OwnBackup GDPR Resources

Webinar: GDPR Right to be Forgotten - Compliance for your Backups

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Blog Post: GDPR Subject Access Requests: Can You Respond?

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Blog Post: Under GDPR, How Long Should You Retain Salesforce Backups?

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GDPR and Your Data Backups: Two Checklists for Compliance Success

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Have more GDPR questions?

Contact us to find out how OwnBackup can help you keep your data, backups, and attachments compliant with GDPR.

Every organization’s approach is different and depends on many factors, including the type of data, the regulatory environment you operate within, and your current privacy and security capabilities. Our aim is to provide helpful guidance, but not legal advice.