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Advanced Key Management & Salesforce Shield

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Comprehensive Compliance for Enterprise Security Policies

OwnBackup secures enterprise data through:
  • Encryption keys generated and approved by account owner

  • Data encrypted using customer keys, not derivatives or composite keys

  • Encryption keys rotated and destroyed according to the organization’s schedule, or on-demand

  • Two-person key revocation/purge

  • Dedicated data tenancy encrypted using customer-provided encryption key

OwnBackup allows customers to encrypt their backup data using own Base64-formatted string of a 256-bit secret.

Integration with Salesforce Shield

Salesforce Shield protects your enterprise with enhanced trust, transparency, compliance, and governance across all of your business-critical applications.

OwnBackup integrates with Salesforce Shield to add an additional layer of security.

OwnBackup Advanced Key Management allows you to:

  • Backup and recover Salesforce Shield encrypted fields and encryption keys, in cipher-text form.
  • Set Smart Alerts to proactively monitor changes to your Salesforce Shield encryption keys.
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Rotate & Revoke Master Encryption Key

OwnBackup’s Advanced Key Management helps organizations generate, rotate, and revoke their own master encryption keys in the Account Settings dashboard. Use this dashboard to quickly find out which keys are Active, Canceled, or Archived.

For enhanced security, OwnBackup supports a two-person process that ensures authorized master encryption key revocation.

OwnBackup Security Controls

OwnBackup takes privacy and security very seriously. Our platform was built from the ground up with security in mind utilizing leading information-security best practices. OwnBackup’s security features ensure:

  • Encryption in transit via TLS1.1 or TLS1.2

  • 2FA and IP Restriction support (or SSO via SAML 2.0)

  • Backups are restored at Amazon Web Services (independent from Force.com)

  • All customer activities audited and logged

  • Comprehensive information security program with SOC2 Type II third-party audit