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Avoid Roadblocks on Your Journey to Lightning

Wolters Kluwer, a global information services company, began the transition to Lightning to accelerate digital transformation, speed up employee productivity, and optimize company operations. Along their journey to Lightning, the Wolters Kluwer admin team encountered some unexpected roadblocks switching their thousands of Salesforce Documents to Salesforce Files. They were also facing barriers when it came to user adoption. Join this session to better understand the Lightning transition process and how to navigate any roadblocks that may come up along the way.

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How AECOM Manages a Complex Salesforce Environment

As a large, global company with huge data volumes, integrations, and custom applications, AECOM’s Salesforce environments are highly complex. Given increasing complexity, AECOM faced challenges managing their production and sandbox environments. With client, financial, and subcontractor data at stake, it was critical for AECOM to get their Salesforce environments under control. Join this session to discover how AECOM protects their complex data structures, manages their voluminous environment, and lives by Salesforce data management best practices.
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Cargill Accelerates Digital Transformation with a Strong Technical Foundation

Cargill has undergone an enterprise-wide digital transformation on top of multiple, large, diverse Salesforce environments. To support this transformation Cargill has added Service Cloud, Einstein, CPQ, CloudCraze, and a new customer portal at lightning speed. All the while, each element of this transformation needed to maintain data integrity and cause minimal disruptive impact to end users. Join this session to find out how Cargill’s Salesforce team was able to move fast, gain market share, and derisk throughout their digital transformation.

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7 Lessons Adecco USA Learned During their Lightning Transition

From strategic enterprise and regional branch sales to a large call center supported by Service Cloud, Adecco USA's admin team balances multiple business user priorities on Salesforce. Due to the complexity of their org, Adecco encountered unexpected obstacles while making the transition to Salesforce Lightning. Some of these obstacles included developing a plan pre-transition, managing sandbox data and metadata, moving Visualforce pages, converting attachments to files, removing duplicates, encouraging user adoption, and managing changes post-transition. Join this session to discover how Adecco USA successfully migrated their complex org to Lightning and the lessons they learned along the way.

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Managing 5 Pillars of Governance and Compliance in a Multi-Org Environment

Caterpillar manages a wide array of businesses and applications in 26 separate production Salesforce orgs, many of which involve billions of records, thousands of users, and dozens of sandboxes. Being a publicly traded Fortune 100 company in which some lines of business are highly regulated, we are faced with a variety of policies that require our data and systems to be protected and managed. Some specific guidelines that we manage on a daily basis include: 1. Data confidentiality process 2. Ensuring changes in one business unit don?t negatively impact other business units 3. Production change processes 4. Security and compliance auditing 5. Backup and recovery Some of these requirements can be met with out-of-the-box features from Salesforce, and some can be addressed through processes that we have implemented, while others required us to evaluate 3rd party vendors on the App Exchange. In addition to being required for internal policy compliance, we have several examples of where these processes and controls have come into play to prevent and mitigate some undesirable outcome that they are designed to protect against, so it works just as well in practice as it does in theory. This session will cover these five processes and controls we are required to meet, detail how we have met them, and provide a few examples of how they have helped us keep our business running smoothly.

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Delarosa is OwnBackup's Dreamforce 2019 Headquarters

Located just a block from the Moscone Center. OwnBackup will be hosting breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner. Whether you're looking to jump start your morning or party and unwind from your day at Dreamforce, come join OwnBackup at Delarosa.

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