Implement Salesforce Shield 80% faster 

Accelerate your Shield implementation with OwnBackup Secure.

Identify and fix downstream business impacts (i.e. broken report filters), before you implement.

Easily classify your Salesforce data by sensitivity level and compliance category to prioritize your implementation efforts.

Prove compliance with real-time, evidence-based reports and audits to satisfy internal policies and external regulations.

Customer Reviews

Don't do encryption without it!

I've done encryption the hard way with giant confusing spreadsheets and tons of troubleshooting – and then with OwnBackup Secure for Shield. The amount of time savings alone makes this product worth adding – but the data classification, the change history, sorting, filtering and search features, also makes this a win-win for Salesforce admins and for compliance / oversight teams.

Nate Moncrief
Salesforce AppExchange

Cut months off your implementation time!

Prior to using OwnBackup, my team had been unable to gain traction on Shield Platform Encryption for over a year. If you have any significant amount of apex custom code with SOQLs and want to encrypt your data, this package will cut months off your implementation time.

Roopesh Sheth
Salesforce AppExchange

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