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Workwear Outfitters keeps their Salesforce data on steady footing with OwnBackup
workwear outfitters

Workwear Outfitters had been using Salesforce for 16 years when a number of recent business changes prompted the search for a backup and recovery solution. In addition to acquisitions, new brands were being absorbed and others spun off. And when expanding from a traditional distributor-based B2B business model to include a new and quickly evolving B2C business unit, a well-established Sales Cloud/Pardot system was also tasked with integrating Marketing and Commerce Clouds in an effort to unify customer data.

Then, when a data loss incident in 2019 caused the team to spend a day’s worth of work restoring profiles and almost a full week to get back on track, they knew it was time to get serious about finding a backup and recovery solution.

A query to the Salesforce Community and recommendations from other enterprise business users led the team to OwnBackup.

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Backup and Recovery
Data Archiving
  • With OwnBackup Archive, I am able to keep our system performance high by reducing clutter and safely storing the data needed for compliance purposes outside of our production environment.
    Brie Murphy
    Manager - Sales Support
  • The heavens parted. We love OwnBackup.
    Keri Callison
    CRM Analyst
  • Everything we need regarding the status of our data is at our fingertips.
    Keri Callison
    CRM Analyst

Backup and Recovery

Workwear Outfitters saves time and data with automated daily backups from OwnBackup


The team that manages Salesforce consider themselves the “keepers of relationships” that have been built over years of hard sales work. To lose that information, those connections, and conversations would be a major inconvenience to the sales team and erode customer trust.

The Salesforce weekly exports for data backup didn’t work for the CRM team; it was time consuming and complicated, taking up to two days each week to complete.

If an account or contact record was accidentally deleted or corrupted, the team would have to manually search through the exported csv files to restore.

As they added more users into the system, the team quickly realized they needed a way to protect their data from an inadvertent loss.

If Sales Cloud or the distributor database were to go down, the world, as the team knows it, would stop. This would be devastating to the customers, the sales team, and the business.


Daily backups are now automated – no more weekly exports or CSV files – which provides an extra layer of security and allows the team to breathe easier at night.

Daily and weekly reminders notify the team with data status checks, and if there's a problem they can quickly get ahead of potential issues.

The comparison tools track changes and details in records, making viewing changes in OwnBackup faster than ever.

The ability to set notification parameters around changes to quickly see sales touches, updates and conversions is valuable data for Sales leadership and the Lead Generation team, helping to better qualify and move leads through the pipeline faster.

Dashboards, alerts and reports keep everything the team needs at their fingertips.


With OwnBackup the team knows there is a reliable safety net in place should anything go wrong.

With daily exports and automated alerts, Workwear Outfitters is prepared to tackle the unplanned — from a small inconvenience to a major data loss — all while staying compliant with their security protocols.


Data Archiving

Workwear Outfitters declutters Salesforce data, maintains system performance and prevents additional storage costs with OwnBackup Archive


To reimagine and revitalize old objects that people were no longer using, the team had to clean up all unused data.

By onboarding a new set of Sales Cloud users, they expected data volumes and storage costs to increase significantly over the next year, potentially putting system performance at risk.

With their recent ISO Certification, the company needed to meet certain requirements to satisfy audit evidence as part of upholding their certification. This documentation was stored in Salesforce, making it pertinent to protect.


Now that the CRM team has an easy-to-use, flexible and automated data archiving solution, data that’s no longer necessary for day-to-day use but must still be retained is programmatically archived to keep a clean environment.

With Archive, revitalizing old objects was easy to manage; they just had to refresh the old object, rather than having to start from scratch.

The CRM team can monitor archiving activity via a dashboard and easily report on the progress of data usage and storage, increasing visibility into any approaching threshold limits.

The newly automated data retention process ensures a smooth transition when additional teams are required to follow ISO guidelines. The company has assurance that sensitive information is protected and encrypted while in transit and at rest.

Archive helped speed up their ability to provide evidence of proper retention of sensitive data and user access control management.

Archive Global Search allows users to find specific records across all archives that enable precise, reliable results.

About Workwear Outfitters

Workwear Outfitters —previously known as VF Workwear, a division of VF Corp, and recently acquired by Redwood Capital — is known globally as the leading manufacturer and distributor of apparel and footwear made for work. Brands include Red Kap® , Bulwark® , Image Authority® , Kodiak® , Terra® , Walls® , Liberty ® , Work Authority® , Workrite® Fire Service, Chef Designs® , and Horace Small® . Workwear Outfitters is also the exclusive licensee for Dickies® apparel in the B2B channel.

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