WithSecure, a leading global cyber security company, entrusts their Salesforce data to OwnBackup

As with any cybersecurity company, trust is WithSecure’s #1 asset. Any type of data loss, whether malicious or by accident, would almost certainly cause customers to lose trust in WithSecure’s ability to protect their own data.

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Backup and Recovery
  • Whatever the admins do, mess up the data or metadata, we can return to the last state of a working backup and restore within minutes.
    Markku Teerikangas
    System Architect, Enterprise Systems
  • OwnBackup is a ‘set it and forget it’ solution – and there when you need it.
    Markku Teerikangas
    System Architect, Enterprise Systems
  • With OwnBackup we are able to investigate and prevent the loss of data.
    Antti Hyrsky
    Senior Service Owner


By running critical components of their business on Salesforce without a data recovery solution in place, they were placing their business, trust, and reputation at risk.

With a huge Salesforce database consisting of several data models and complex hierarchies, the cascading effects of a data loss would be catastrophic.

Any effort to replicate data would have to be done manually, and wouldn’t be feasible; it would take forever.

The Salesforce weekly export produced large CSV files, and with a complex data model, attempts to restore the data into a sandbox were unsuccessful due to lack of automation rules and other limitations.


With OwnBackup, the risk of data loss, and the tens of millions of dollars it could cost, is eliminated.

OwnBackup Smarts Alerts allow the team to see what’s happening with their critical data and if needed–quickly and easily restore.

OwnBackup is more than just an insurance policy for WithSecure, it's key to their overall data governance.

If data gets corrupted in production, they have assurance that they can easily restore if needed.

During a critical event notice, WithSecure was able to replicate the production org into a full copy sandbox and verify the impacts in just a few clicks as they continued to work on other pressing projects.

Ability to take snapshots before mass updates to production, and if something should go wrong, they can easily revert the changes.

  • OwnBackup prevents the worst thing from happening – losing our data would be a catastrophic event that would destroy the business.
    Samuli Kipponen
    Head of CRM Services

About WithSecure

WithSecure has grown into a reliable cyber security leader, earning the trust of organizations and people around the world. We exist to build trust in society and to keep people and businesses safe.

Unprecedented challenges threaten to undermine the very survival of society. Only unprecedented innovation can prevent irreversible disasters. This is only possible if we trust the technology that can bring us together.

From our humble beginnings more than thirty years ago, WithSecure has grown into a reliable cyber security leader, earning the trust of organizations and people around the world.

Source: https://www.withsecure.com/us-en/home

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