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Will Kennimer is the vice president of division sales at VensureHR, working to assist business owners with their unique business needs.

With the integration of new teams and software, VensureHR created a division of sales focused on growing partner accounts. In the span of four years, VensureHR has implemented Salesforce and grown their Salesforce user count from 50 to nearly 400.

VensureHR is using Sales Cloud to track all their opportunities. While they use a separate system to configure, price and quote, they use Sales Cloud to track all their opportunities from creation to closing. Once an opportunity is created, it moves to a pricing engine called Client Space, which is used for creating proposals. Client Space is also used to connect to internal departments like underwriting benefits.

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Backup and Recovery
  • OwnBackup gives us such peace of mind. I have a complete backup plan that sits in the background, instead of me having to stress out about the what-ifs. The amount of time I have saved by not having to search for potential issues could probably be estimated as days.
    Will Kennimer
    VP of Division Sales
  • This is magic.
    Will Kennimer
    VP of Division Sales
  • OwnBackup is one of the best vendors I’ve worked with. When I connected our system, I think it took five minutes to set up. It was a very simple and easy process, which is something I greatly appreciate.
    Will Kennimer
    VP of Division Sales

Backup and Recovery


For VensureHR, Salesforce is the singular inception point; how their deals are configured and getting an opportunity through their Client Space portal and back into their office system can only be done through Salesforce.

For Will, if something were to happen to this data in Salesforce, it would have a detrimental impact on multiple levels.

Prior to OwnBackup, Will was exporting backups of their Salesforce data and storing them on a storage drive weekly. Having witnessed the Salesforce org growth, Will recognized that storing data backups on an external hard drive wasn't a viable long term strategy.

Around this same time, VensureHR’s IT department reached out to Will requesting that he implement a more robust backup system. The IT department sent Will a few options to evaluate, one of them being OwnBackup. He found that the biggest selling point to OwnBackup was its user experience.

Given that the IT department cannot access Salesforce, Will knew that the solution he implemented would be his responsibility to own and manage. Therefore, the system he chose needed to be secure yet simple to use.

“I didn’t mind owning and running this because it makes sense as the only Salesforce admin. But, I wanted it to be plug and play: something super easy to use– a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of system.”


Will began implementing OwnBackup two years ago. He has been consistently impressed with how seamlessly the system runs in the background. Even if he encounters issues where he needs to review data that was incorrect or corrupted, the process to search, find and restore is simple. As a result, Will has become a power user of OwnBackup, helping other orgs implement OwnBackup and develop their own power users, as well.

“I’m excited to continue to support OwnBackup. If we have another big Salesforce system that we acquire, I’ll suggest we connect it to our OwnBackup instance and pull that data into backup.”

Will also works with several different application vendors. He highly values OwnBackup's ease of use, how well it integrates with Salesforce, and the quality of the vendor relationship.

“OwnBackup is one of the best vendors I’ve worked with. When I connected our system, I think it took five minutes to set up. It was a very simple and easy process, which is something I greatly appreciate. And not just that, but it works. It actually does what I was told it was going to do. And how silly is it that I have to make that comment? Unfortunately, that’s not my typical experience with other systems I’ve worked with.”

Fortunately for Will, he hasn’t suffered a major data loss. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t lost data that could impact the work of the team.

“It’s important to note that data loss doesn’t have to be malicious intent. I had a former boss who accidentally deleted some records. Who hasn’t done that?”


OwnBackup has awarded Will peace of mind, knowing that the system is running smoothly behind the scenes and that he can dedicate time to priority projects. Moving forward, he is excited to explore additional features of OwnBackup, like setting Smart Alerts. With OwnBackup Smart Alerts, Will can configure thresholds to identify any outliers from normal business activities and customize alerts to uncover changes to specific objects.

"We're continuing to grow. As I add more and more people to our system or merge other orgs, the risk of data loss or corruption increases. So, I need to make sure that we have this system in place to handle changes. Smart Alerts will take that guesswork out of ‘Has something changed?’ and give us the confidence to know when something happens without having to dig for it."

OwnBackup Support at your fingertips

If Will encounters an issue, he is confident that he can reach the OwnBackup support team quickly.

"I travel all over the country to meet with people, and I don’t always have my laptop in front of me. Being able to work from my phone and get answers quickly from OwnBackup has been amazing. I don't have to stress over what's happening while away from my desk. The benefit of a support team is to alleviate extra work so that I can focus. I have this with OwnBackup."

About VensureHR

VensureHR Employer Services is a privately owned professional employer organization (PEO) headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. As the nation’s fastest-growing PEO, VensureHR uses industry-leading technology to offer complete end-to-end solutions for payroll, human resources, benefits, risk management, and workers’ compensation services. VensureHR is committed to helping thousands of clients manage, nurture, and grow their businesses by providing employee and employer-related administration services.

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