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South Jersey Industries Energizes Business Operations with OwnBackup for Salesforce

SJI, the parent company of South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas, provides safe, reliable, and affordable energy services, ensuring the safety of their employees, customers, and the communities they serve. SJI is based in Folsom, New Jersey, and is comprised of three primary subsidiaries.

SJI delivers safe, reliable, and affordable natural gas to approximately 690,000 South Jersey Gas, Elizabethtown Gas, and Elkton Gas customers in New Jersey and Maryland.

SJI Energy Solutions promotes efficiency, clean energy technology, and renewable energy by providing customized wholesale commodity marketing and fuel management services; and developing, owning and operating on-site energy production facilities.

SJI Midstream houses the company’s interest in the PennEast Pipeline Project. The PennEast Pipeline project hopes to help utilities deliver an affordable energy source to families and businesses across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Representing a nearly $1 billion investment, this 120-mile, primarily 36-inch, underground pipeline will reduce energy costs and support thousands of jobs with clean- burning, American energy.

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Backup and Recovery
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Sandbox Seeding
  • We purchased OwnBackup over a year ago and I cannot imagine being the administrator of a Salesforce Org without it! Backups are done nightly on my production Org and any Sandbox Orgs I choose. OwnBackup does all the work, including letting me know, via Smart Alerts, what changes were made in my database that are outside the norm. I also have Sandbox Seeding, which is a fantastic way to seed a test Org with relevant data in a matter of minutes. No more manual record creation or tedious data loads.
    Brenda Frambes
    Salesforce Administrator at South Jersey Industries

SJI Stores Business-Critical Data on Salesforce

SJI stores an extensive amount of data in multiple Salesforce orgs. In addition to the typical sales opportunities there is information pertaining to Risk and Insurance.

SJI Experienced Challenges with the Weekly Export

While backing up with the Salesforce Weekly Export, SJI discovered five data protection challenges.

  1. The processing time to download and save files for three Orgs had become too lengthy for SJI. The team needed a faster, more comprehensive backup method to improve departmental productivity.
  1. The Weekly Export could not back up the attachments and metadata in their Orgs in a timely manner exposing the business to greater risk.

  2. SJI closes multiple sales per day, which means the seven day recovery point objective (RPO) the Weekly Export provides would leave them vulnerable to potentially losing a week’s worth of customer data.

  3. If they ever needed to restore lost or corrupted data, it would be a difficult and prolonged process to maintain parent/child relationships.

  4. SJI has strict security guidelines with their data. Therefore, a self-service platform that allowed them to store all necessary company files and information in a secure, external place outside of Salesforce was a key compliance requirement.

SJI Accelerated their Backup and Recovery Process with OwnBackup

After partnering with OwnBackup, SJI was impressed with OwnBackup’s daily data, metadata, and attachment backups. OwnBackup ensures SJI has access and can manage the backups of all three Orgs through OwnBackup’s multi-org dashboard. OwnBackup Smart Alerts inform SJI of any data or metadata modifications made within Salesforce, which they also use as a way to detect hacking or any malicious activity within their Salesforce Orgs. With this capability, SJI is able to remain proactive and save time when it comes to identifying data loss and corruption within their Salesforce Orgs.

If an accidental data loss or corruption were to occur, SJI can now fully recover lost or corrupted data, metadata, and attachments, while maintaining parent/child relationships in a timely fashion. SJI no longer experiences lengthy RPO and RTO times. Instead, with OwnBackup, their RPO and RTO times are close to one day, alleviating the business of any risks or costs that unplanned downtime could incur.

On May 17th, 2019, SJI was notified by OwnBackup Smart Alerts of a profile and permission sets metadata change within their Salesforce platform that affected their energy Org. SJI immediately logged into their OwnBackup account to identify the issues and were able to restore the profiles and permission sets to their proper values. This further proved the OwnBackup data protection solution to be incredibly efficient and reliable during both small and large scale data recovery scenarios.

"If an accidental data loss or corruption were to occur, SJI can now fully recover lost or corrupted data, metadata, and attachments, while maintaining parent/ child relationships in a timely fashion."

OwnBackup + South Jersey Industries

OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding was able to save SJI close to two hours in their development process per individual sandbox... that’s 14 hours given back to the company for other innovative projects.

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SJI Complies with Internal Security and Privacy Policies with OwnBackup

With SJI’s stringent internal privacy standards, it was vital to incorporate a data protection solution that met their strict security requirements. SJI conducted and completed cyber risk assessments and SOC 2 Type II reviews, as well as BitSight tech security reports in an effort to determine whether OwnBackup fully met their rigorous data storage requirements. OwnBackup was able to not only comply with their internal privacy demands but also effectively protect all of SJI’s business-critical Salesforce data backups.

SJI Speeds Up Development Almost 4X with OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding

OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding helps SJI run faster development cycles and testing. This OwnBackup product ensured the seamless deployment of clean and precise data sets. For example, SJI needed to build out a new org quickly due to a recent acquisition.

SJI was very impressed that they were able to populate seven different sandboxes with real-time test data in less than 30 minutes each. OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding was able to save SJI close to two hours in their development process per individual sandbox... that’s 14 hours given back to the company for other innovative projects.

SJI Maintains Business Continuity with OwnBackup Data Protection

SJI feels confident knowing their data and metadata are fully secure if an accidental data loss or corruption were to occur. SJI is now able to use OwnBackup Compare daily to identify if any data was accidentally lost or corrupted during any future transformative projects, including migrations, integrations, or implementations. If any data goes missing, OwnBackup will help them restore it quickly and efficiently ensuring SJI continues to strengthen business resiliency for many years to come.

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